Kurdish youth dancing the Halay to a Kurdish song sued for 'propagandizing a terrorist organization'

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  • 12:14 15 September 2021
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BATMAN –  An investigation was launched against 13 people who sang a Kurdish song and dance the halay in Batman for allegedly 'propagandizing a terrorist organization."
Although it is claimed by the AKP government that there were no bans and obstructions against Kurdish in their own time, Kurdish is being criminalized by the laws made by the AKP. An investigation has been launched against 13 people who danced halay to a song of Şivan Perwer called 'Serhildan Jiyane' at the Newroz celebrations.
In line with the investigation launched by the Batman Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the rally, 13 names, including HDP Batman Provincial Co-chairs Fatma Ablay and Ömer Kulpu, were summoned to the Provincial Security Directorate to take their statements.
Those who went to the police were told, "It has been determined that you danced the halay to the song 'Serhildan jiyane' (To live is to revolt) by Şivan Perwer, which includes many organizational expressions, and you were called to the TEM Branch Directorate to take your statement on the subject. Their statements were taken with the allegation of "propagandizing a terrorist organization'.
Speaking to Mesopotamia Agency on the issue, HDP Provincial Co-Chair Ömer Kulpu said the fact that an investigation has been launched against them for dancing the halay is ridiculous.
Expressing that the instruments of the artists were confiscated by the police on the day of the rally, Kulpu stated that despite this, the artists took to the stage and sang their songs with the audience. Stating that one of these songs is Şiwan Perwer's song 'Berxwedan jiyane', Kulpu said, "Those who do not allow instruments and show intolerance to art, this time, started an investigation against those who sing the songs, danced the halay and played rhythms."
Criticizing those who took the stage with Şivan Perwer a few years ago, now launching investigations into his songs, Kulpu said: "They have no tolerance to the Kurdish. This is a ridiculous investigation. These investigations will not make us take a step back."
HDP Provincial Co-Chair Fatma Ablay stated that they came together with the public at the big rally on 14 August, but like all the HDP's efforts, this rally was tried to be illegalized. Asking how can dancing be propagandizing for a terrorist organization, Ablay said: " In fact, this investigation is an indicator of what kind of law we are faced with. We said 'to live is to resist'. We will say it again. We know there is a need to resist and we take steps accordingly.
Underlining that even though they got a permit from the Governor's Office about the rally, the police asked them who 'ordered' them to organize the rally, Ablay said: "Although all permissions have been obtained, asking us this question is actually an indication of how the investigation was started. This investigation was ordered by people from the top. If they wish to see the Kurdish people being tame, not resisting, they will be dissappointed."
MA / Fethi Balaman