16:54 actual
Journalist Arslan been detained for 3 days
16:47 actual
First statement from Şenyaşar in the Parliament: The Minister of Justice should keep his oath
16:34 actual
Head ranger, who shot for inflicting violence on women, died
15:25 actual
New application submitted by the families of Öcalan and other prisoners
15:07 actual
Police violence in house raids in Cizîr
15:03 actual
Assassination of a member of the Mesopotamian Workers' Association
14:31 actual
Violence against women from the head of the ranger
14:24 actual
Sarısözen: The government will start an ideological attack
13:36 actual
Ill prisoners two brothers dragged to death
13:18 actual
Release of 30-year prisoner Parıltı postponed for the second time
11:39 actual
Panos Municipality Co-Mayors detained
11:31 actual
Özgökçe: Parliament has the male dominance
11:05 editor's pick
MA TUHAY-DER Co-Chair Demir: Isolation ends with struggle
10:53 editor's pick
Price rise to gasoline and diesel
16:24 actual
Armored vehicle report of İHD: 44 people lost their lives in 15 years
15:17 actual
Fine for Emine Şenyaşar
13:40 actual
HDP youth detained in Izmir
13:20 actual
Aşkan statement from İHD: It's not an accident, it's a murder
13:16 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a visit in İmralı
12:21 actual
Hundreds of pomegranate trees cut down in Afrin
12:21 actual
Bazyani: Türkiye cut down 4 million trees in Behdinan
12:17 actual
Prison doctor to prisoner: You will die here
12:02 actual
Ecological plunder preparation after the election
10:51 actual
Dollar started the day with a record rise
10:41 actual
Journalist Güzelyüz: They can't mentally imprison us
10:28 actual
Conflict in Siirt: 1 soldier lost his life
10:27 actual
Police raid on 'Pride' movie: Multiple detentions
20:34 actual
Attack on Ain Isa: A fire broke out in the camp
16:51 actual
HDP's Tanrıkulu's release request denied
16:36 actual
HDP's Turan: Türkiye's economy will not recover without cutting off the resources of the war
16:02 actual
Akdoğan's remains laid to rest in Wan
14:36 actual
AKP municipality wrote about how Armenian cemetery destroyed
13:31 actual
2 people detained in Cizîr
12:46 actual
People won in Makhmur: We will not give up the resistance
12:21 actual
Police prevents Kurdish students from renting a house
11:57 actual
16 journalists imprisoned for a year: Arbitrary punishment
11:35 actual
Religious officials appointed to schools
10:12 actual
Journalist Şengalî: If Shengal is weakened, Rojava will also weaken
09:46 actual
KCDK-E Co-Chair Koç: The address of the solution is İmralı
09:18 actual
Journalist Fırat Can Arslan detained
16:59 politics
New cabinet convened: War and economy on the agenda
15:57 actual
Attack on Mount Guherzê
15:56 actual
From Şenyaşar family to Minister Tunç: He should start work from Urfa
15:56 actual
Prison sentence for battered journalist
15:35 actual
ECtHR found Yüksekdağ and Demirtaş justified
13:56 actual
Mother, father and 6 children detained
13:55 actual
Gas bomb attack on villagers who oppose the practice of DEDAŞ
13:55 actual
Abdullah Öcalan: AKP is trying to create a Kurdish Hamas
12:40 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a visit in İmralı
12:38 actual
Policy of violence applied to health workers