14:25 editor's pick
Morality police activity suspended in Iran
11:06 actual
Turkish attack on Til Temir
10:07 actual
Lawyer of Kurdish immigrant denounces Sweden for extraditing his client to Turkey
10:00 editor's pick
Elçioğlu who lost her husband in Kobanê resistance: Turkey's attacks must be stopped
09:28 editor's pick
CPT's ambigious answer about seeing Öcalan
16:08 actual
Declaration against isolation and attacks from KNK
16:02 actual
They called out in front of the bombed newspaper: We will not be silent.
16:00 actual
Şenyaşar: Those who do not see injustice will lose in Turkey
15:59 actual
Chatting prohibited in İmralı
14:46 actual
Murder of Dilan Kortak: Investigation not conducted impartially
13:41 actual
Interim decision in Kobanê Case: All demands rejected
13:12 actual
Sweden extradited Mahmut Tat to Turkey
12:51 actual
Lokman Werdi: Turkey is invading the lands of Kurdistan
11:27 actual
Bêrîvan Xalid: We will nullify Turkey's attacks
11:00 actual
8 TJA activists arrested
10:46 actual
Request for arrest of TJA activists
10:43 women
Ekti, who fell ill in Ankara Courthouse, was taken to the hospital
15:50 actual
21 proposals for women in custody from 21 women
15:48 actual
Fincancı's indictment accepted
15:46 actual
Turkish air strike on Sharbajer
15:45 actual
Military operation in Omeriya
14:36 actual
Ferit Şenyaşar: Erdogan has to see this mother
14:27 actual
Operation to arrest Yüksel, who died 5 years ago
14:17 actual
Women did not testify to Ankara Police
13:35 actual
No response to the CPT application made to CIMER!
13:35 actual
105 lawyers applied to Diyarbakır Bar Association for isolation
13:34 actual
Aydın: Chaos will continue as long as isolation is not abandoned
12:38 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and legal guardian
12:37 actual
Bomb attack against Kurdish newspaper Özgür Ülke to be protested
12:30 actual
Journalists in prison for 35 for no reason: Prosecutor's on leave, objection not processed
12:29 actual
CPT travels 2 thousand 394 km, lawyers 124 km away are not allowed
12:04 actual
Lawyers from Rojava took action against chemical attacks
11:47 actual
Mehmet Öcalan: Turkish state should take the 'CPT protest' into consideration
11:00 analysis
Iranians determined to open the way from revolution to freedom!
16:26 actual
Prisoner held in prison for 30 years was detained right after being released
16:26 actual
Application to Mersin Bar Association for Abdullah Öcalan from ÖHD
15:39 actual
From Günay to the Ministry of Justice: Respond to İmralı applications
15:02 actual
Women held in handcuffs for 36 hours, tortured by Ankara police
14:00 actual
Turkey attacked on Kobanê and Eyn Îsa
13:57 actual
Camera traps placed in tree hollows in Lice
13:56 actual
Message from Şenyaşar family on Erdoğan visit
13:56 actual
HDP's Taşçıer: Gains of Kurds are being targetted
13:44 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application for a visit in İmralı
13:39 actual
Veysi Aktaş in İmralı was not allowed to attend his father's funeral ceremony
12:27 actual
Koçyiğit applied to Ministry of Justice: We want to see Abdullah Öcalan
11:46 analysis
The same question is on everyone's mind in Seqiz, Jîna's hometown
15:48 actual
Acar's body was given after 185 days
15:42 actual
Asrın Law Office lawyers applied for Veysi Aktaş
15:31 actual
Demirtaş applies to visit Abdullah Öcalan
15:24 actual
Şenyaşar family has been seeking justice for 632 days