Ekti, who fell ill in Ankara Courthouse, was taken to the hospital

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  • 10:43 3 December 2022
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ANKARA - TJA activist Figen Ekti, who was tortured in Ankara Police Department, was taken to the hospital after she fell ill when she was brought to Ankara Courthouse 4 days later.
Figen Ekti, who was detained in Amed and brought to Ankara as part of the Ankara-based investigation against Tevgera Jinê Azad (TJA) members, was tortured in the Ankara Police Department. After being detained in Amed, Ekti was brought to Ankara after a 36-hour journey.
Ekti, who was taken to the hospital while she was in custody, received a report that she was battered there. The report Ekti received was stolen by the police at the Ankara Police Department, where she was taken. Ekti, who expressed this during the deposition proceedings and asked to be recorded in the minutes, was threatened by the police chief.
Ekti, who did not testify at the Ankara Police Department against the torture, fell ill due to a vertigo attack at the Ankara Courthouse, where she was brought for prosecution proceedings. It was learned that Ekti was taken to the hospital.