Over a thousand arrangements of bankrupcy : Labourers are the victims again

İSTANBUL- In the last few months hundreds of companies went into administration. Murat Özveri, who emphasized that companies are going into bankrupcy, because they are in a debt spiral said the injured party is the labourers again.
While more than a thousand companies went into administration in commercial courts, everyday another one is being added. Lately, Şato shoes and a 400 bed capacity 3 hotels' business manager Alkoçlar Management went bankrupt . Previously, well known companies like Hotiç, Gilan, Keskinoğlu, Remoil, Makro Market, Dizayn Boru, Om-Ar Tekstil, Eminiş Ambalaj, Naplas Gıda went bankrupt.
Construction companies are leading in the companies that go bankrupt. %70 of the companies that went bankrupt have been the construction companies up until now. The bankcupcy that started to effect the retail companies are now effecting Borsa İstanbul.
Moreover citizens that are economically downswinging are making personal applications of bankrupcy.
Murat Özveri who follows commercial courts, said: "The companies that are in financial difficulty are denied the right to decide suspension of bankrupcy to recuperate. Now the companies that are in financial difficulty uses the 285th and 309th articles of enforcement and bankruptcy code to make an arrangement of bankrupcy."
Özveri who indicates that the fact that the company made an arrangement of bankrupcy doesnt give the labourer the right to rescission, therefore the suffering party becomes the labourer yet again.