Increasing meat prices, people started buy bones

WAN - Butchers in Wan complain about the economic crisis and said that bone sales increased due to the increase in meat prices.
The economic crisis is deepening in the country due to the government's policies. It is also possible to see the effects of the crisis on the Ramadan tables. Meat, which is the most indispensable part of Ramadan, has now become a food that most citizens cannot reach. Eating meat has become a dream, with prices rising between 85 and 160 percent annually in many cities.
The stripped bone, which was previously given free of charge to the public in butchers, is sold for 25 Liras per kilo. So much so that even chicken scraped bones, which were not purchased before, are purchased for 35 Liras and the public cannot even reach this. While meat was sold for 200 to 220 Liras per kilo in Wan last year, this year it is sold for 500-520 Liras per kilo. 
While most of the public turns to offal shops in the face of the crisis, offal prices are increasing day by day. We asked butchers, offal sellers and chicken producers about the meat purchasing rates of citizens.
Bünyamin Aktaş, one of the offal tradesmen who said that people cannot even buy offal anymore due to the price hikes, summarized the situation as follows: “When meat is sold at high prices in butchers, people turn to offal. People cannot even buy this because our prices have increased. People constantly accuse us of giving raises, but we are not guilty in this case. There is a justified reason for people to find the price high, but there is nothing to do."
Explaining that people who cannot buy meat buy bones, boil them and give the water to their children, Aktaş said: “People's requests are usually liver, heart and bones. They can't buy meat because it is expensive. People buy bones, boil them and give them to their children for their vitamins. While last year lamb's feet was 1-2 Liras, this year it is 15 Liras. While heart was 70 Liras last year, it became 140 Liras this year. Again, while liver was 120 Liras last year, it became 300 Liras this year. While lamb liver was 100 Liras, this year it became 400 Liras. In the past, bones were not sold, but now they are sold. Since people cannot afford meat, bones are more affordable. Even though we are entering the month of Ramadan, there are no sales. Nobody gets anything. Sales have dropped significantly compared to last year."
Omer Baday, who has been a butcher for thirty years, stated that meat prices have now increased up to 550 Liras and said: “Since meat prices are high, the rqurest for offal is higher. Meat prices have doubled compared to last year. Naturally, when people can't afford it, they buy bones. We are currently selling marrow bones for 30 Liras. In the past, bones were free and we were giving them away without getting paid. Now paid bone has also become paid. Previously, the price would increase once a year, but now the price is increasing continuously. Now prices are rising instantly and for these reasons we are suffering."
Medeni Çınar, who has been farming chicken for 30 years, said: “We cannot keep up with meat prices due to the economic crisis. We encounter a new price increase every day, and even factories no longer produce as much as they used to. We are always in turmoil with citizens due to constantly changing prices. We don't have any sales compared to before. While we used to sell 20 boxes, now we cannot even sell 5-10 boxes. Even if we sell it by weight, it does not save the tradesmen. While there was no such thing as chicken bones before, there are now people buying chicken bones."
A citizen named Erhan Kaya, who visited the meat sections, stated that the prices have gone crazy and said: "While the prices of meat were 280 Liras last year, they increased to 500 Liras this year. We can no longer afford meat. Last year we always bought red meat for home, but this year we can buy some red and some white meat. We can gain it by 5 kilos instead of 10 kilos. Purchasing power has decreased, no one can buy meat for their home."