HDP Ecology Commission: Turkey is now a water-poor country


ANKARA- HDP Ecology Commission declared that Turkey has become a water-poor country underlined the need for revision of water policy in a written statement published regarding the World Water Day.

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Ecology Commission has issued a written statement regarding the World Water Day declared by the United Nations (UN).  In the written statement signed by Ecology Comission's Co-spokespeople Menekşe Kızıldere and Naci Sönmez it was stated: "Turkey is now a water-poor country, water policies should be reviewed".
Reminding that March 22 was declared as World Water Day by the UN in order to remind the states to review their water policies, the statement includes the following declaration: “This year, under the theme of 'Water and Climate Change' on World Water Day, it is adressed that clean water is under the pressure of the climate crisis as well as the increasing water demand of the world population. It is noted that clean water resources are exhausted. Water, defined by the United Nations on 28 July 2010 as a 'compulsory right in order to provide the right to live' is is a public entity and its supply must be provided by the states as a public service"
In the statement the following data is shared: "According to the criteria of “State Hydraulic Works” (DSİ); countries with more than 8 thousand cubic meters of water per person are 'water-rich' whereas countries with less than 2 thousand cubic meters are considered as 'water-poor'. Again according to DSİ data; the annual amount of water per person in Turkey is 519 cubic meters. These figures show that  Turkey is 'water-poor' country and that there is a necessity for serious steps to be taken forward a renewed water policy".
The statement also emphasized the necessity to postpone the water bills due to Coronavirus pandemic as follows: "Today COVID-19 causes thousand of people to lose their lives and this pandemi shows the wrong water policies of the states one more time. It should not go unnoticed that the campaigns for hygene due to the pandemic rely basically on water. Policies aiming at continuous growth consumes the water entities by the pressure of climate crisis. However, the Corona pandemic show one more time that there is no such luxury as consuming the water boundlessly. Drinkable water shall be delivered to all citizens as a public service in these critical days. The water policies of the government shall be renewed and the crimes against the nature and against the citizen's right to live shall be stopped. Turkey is now a water-poor country".