Dams and HEPPs that will leave the historical sites inundated were not given permission


ŞIRNAK - HDP Cizre Municipality did not give consent for the adjacent areas where the zoning plan authorization was requested for the "Cizre Dam" and "HEPP Production Facility", which would flood the historical site and many settlements.

Most of the dams and Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) dams, which were started to be built by the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) about 10 years ago, were completed on the valleys in Şırnak and its districts. To date, there are ongoing attempts to build some dams and HEPPs, which have destroyed a large number of forest areas and caused a major destruction in ecology.
One of the initiatives is for the "Cizre Dam" and "HEPP Production Facility", some of which are located within the contiguous borders of the Municipality of Cizre, which is managed by the People's Democratic Party (HDP).  A letter was sent to the municipality via the Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Improvement of Şırnak Special Provincial Administration for the dam and HEPP owned by CB Electricity Production and Trading Company.In this letter, the authority of the municipality adjacent to the boundary of the area zoning plan and the authority to create maps was asked.
However, the municipality did not approve the demand.