Abdullah Öcalan: The conspiracy aimed to liquidate the Kurdish reality

NEWS CENTER - Pointing out that the international conspiracy against him is the most important operation in the history of NATO, PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan emphasized in his latest book that the target of the conspiracy is the "liquidation of the Kurdish reality".
The international conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is seen as the biggest obstacle against the Greater Middle East Project (BOP), has entered its 26th year. The conspiracy, which was put into action in 1985 when the PKK was included in the "terrorist list" by NATO Gladio and Germany under the coordination of the United States of America (USA), continued in the 1990s with the inclusion of England, and from 1996 onwards, Israel and Greece. The conspiracy began in 1996, when the plan to destroy Abdullah Öcalan was prevented, with the plan to liquidate PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan after he left Damascus, in partnership with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, the European Parliament, the European Council, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia continued. Abdullah Öcalan, who was finally brought to Turkey on February 15, 1999, in partnership with Switzerland and Kenya, described this process as the biggest operation of NATO Gladio. As a matter of fact, the US intelligence agency Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) statement regarding the conspiracy as "an operation success against terrorism" confirmed the determination that Abdullah Öcalan was the US coordinator in the conspiracy.
Underlining that the conspiracy against him was one of the key steps in the implementation of the Greater Middle East Project, Abdullah Öcalan wrote in his book "Kurdish Issue and Democratic Civilization Solution", the 5th volume of the "Democratic Civilization Manifesto", which he wrote on Imralı Island, where he was held in absolute isolation conditions. He discussed the process of exiting Syria, which was the beginning of the conspiracy and the international dimension of the conspiracy.
Underlining that his exit from Syria was related to the NATO-Gladio operation, Abdullah Öcalan said that the USA and Israel are not in favour of a political solution and they insist on the continuation of the war, even if it is low-intensity and the unresolved Kurdish issue. Noting that they want the war to continue to maintain control in the Middle East, Abdullah Öcalan emphasized that global powers want to pacify Turkey and implement their own plans.
Stating that Turkey's former President Turgut Özal and former Prime Ministers Necmettin Erbakan and Bülent Ecevit were also shot down because they did not pay attention to these plans, Abdullah Öcalan said: “Whether their shot down resulted in death or not was not that important for the war supporters. They were already in war. They wanted to continue the war until the end, overthrowing every obstacle they encountered and achieving their goals. This included the complete liquidation of the Kurdish reality through military means, a kind of genocide. Unless the hegemonic powers stood behind this understanding, which was a continuation of the classical Union and Progress line, they would never have a chance of success. Because they knew this, they absolutely needed the support of the USA, England and Israel. This support was provided when I left Syria in 1998."
Abdullah Öcalan said that he received the absolute support of the USA and the UK in the early 1990s, and of Israel in 1996. Following the first visit of the Turkish former Chief of General Staff Doğan Güreş to the UK, he said: "We have been given the green light for the liquidation of the PKK". Öcalan also emphasized that he expressed this reality. 
Abdullah Öcalan stated that in the following period, they were not satisfied with the destruction attacks against the Kurds and the PKK, said: "What happened until the assassination of the President, government changes, purges within the army, pacification movements against the society, assassinations of a number of intellectuals and businessperson, mass massacres and the takeover of the media, we need to know very well that terrible events and conflicts are staged. What is missing is the understanding that all these events are related. We cannot accurately solve any important event, conflict or assassination without seeing the thick NATO-Gladio relation underlying all the important political and social events experienced by Turkey from its entry into NATO until 1998. In essence, a NATO war was waged against the people's demands for freedom, equality and democracy and the exit from Syria in 1998 was added to the last part of this war."
Abdullah Öcalan stated that there were two paths before leaving Syria and noted that the route was changed to Athens after the meetings with the Greek delegation, although it was not planned. PKK Leader said: “It was an opportunity and I did not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity, believing in the seriousness of the friends there. If I had known that they were like the picture I came across, I would definitely not have logged out. The question that needs to be asked here is this: Did the Gladio department, which is known to be very strong in Greece, play a role in this exit scenario? This issue needs to be investigated. It is possible that in the compromise reached by the USA with the Turkish administration regarding my handover to Turkey, an agreement in principle was reached on the solution of the issues with the Greeks or at least a promise was made in this direction. There is a strong possibility that they will express their intention in this direction, especially in the solution of the Aegean and Cyprus problems. It must be taken into consideration that Turkey has an unlimitedly compromising attitude on this issue."
Abdullah Öcalan stated that when the plane he boarded in Syria landed in Athens, the capital of Greece, on October 9, 1998, he encountered Savvas Kalenderidis, a former member of the Greek Intelligence Agency and a NATO officer who stayed in Turkey for a long time, Öcalan said: "The supporters we agreed with are around were not there. Coincidentally, our relationship in Moscow came into play. We headed to Moscow with a Greek private plane. With the help of Liberal Democratic Party Chair Vladimir Zhirinovsky, we managed to land in Moscow and enter Russia, which was experiencing economic chaos at the time. But this time the Chief of Russian Internal Intelligence appeared before us. We couldn't stay in Russia under those conditions. I was in so-called anonymity for about 33 days. During this time, both Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright came to Russia. In Russia, Yevgeni Maksimovich Primakov was the prime minister. All of them were of Jewish origin. The then Prime Minister of Turkey, Mesut Yılmaz, was also present. In the end, they agreed on the Blue Stream Project and the 10 billion dollar IMF loan, allowing me to leave Russia."
Stating that his next stop was Rome, Abdullah Öcalan said: “This time, with the scenario of the Italian intelligence, our 66-day Rome days, some of which will be spent in the hospital, have begun. The attitude of the then Prime Minister, Massimo D'Alema, was honest but inadequate. He could not provide full political assurance. He left our situation to the judiciary. I was angry about this. I was determined to leave Italy at the first opportunity. In his last statement, D'Alema stated that I could stay in Italy as long as I wanted. But this seemed like a forced attitude to me. By the way, if I'm not mistaken, it was a joint Arab initiative. They said they wanted to take me to a place, which they did not tell me. I did not accept it because it was not official or guaranteed," he said.
Stating that his second visit to Russia was a mistake, Abdullah Öcalan continued as follows: “Numan Uçar's slacker attitude played a role in this mistake. I set out trusting this person's attitude, which I still did not fully know. If I had known the truth, I certainly would not have left Rome. I was misled. This time, Russian Internal Intelligence took me to the airport after convincing me that the trip would be to Armenia. I think, according to the prepared scenario, they said that there was an Armenian issue at the airport, that I could go to Tajikistan for a week if I wanted, and that they could create an alternative within that week. They kind of deceived me and landed me in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, on a cargo plane. We waited in a room for a week without leaving. We returned to Moscow again. We had to resort to Greek supporters again. After a very adventurous, snowy and cold Moscow day in two days, we turned our direction back to Athens."
Stating that he was tricked by the gods of Olympus, Abdullah Öcalan said: “I entered the VIP lounge of the airport. As soon as I logged in, the relentless pursuit of Hades, the God of Hell, began. I was able to stay one night in the rather messy house of my friend Nagzakis' mother-in-law, who looked like a witch of ancient times. After that night, the journey towards a kind of death camp began. Hades was in full control. Everything said and done was fake. Were there no honest elements? There were, but they were all helpless against the monster of modernity. This time, the figure of Mandela was influential in setting out for Africa, just as the figure of Lenin was influential in setting out for Moscow. Supposedly, I was going to go to South Africa, establish solid diplomatic relations and get an officially valid passport."
Stating that the fraud of the Greek state was successful in the conspiracy game, the PKK Leader said: “In fact, I should have approached it knowing that throughout history, the democracy of the Greek people has always been deceived by this fraudster and suffered great tragedies. The fact that I believe in friendships with the naivety of a child was effective in this attitude. While leaving Greece, the drivers of the car I was traveling to both airports made great efforts to make me sober up and not to leave. They had the integrity to go out of their way to point out that a huge conspiracy was afoot. They were probably low-level intelligence officers too. The first one blocked the departure by crashing the car into the plane. The second one stopped the car near the airport, which we had to pass secretly, for 7 minutes, pretending to be broken down. We were so confident in the promises that I never got sober. On the contrary, I wanted to leave in a hurry as soon as possible to see whatever was in destiny.”
Stating that he was put on the plane that Gladio used in secret operations to go to Minsk, Abdullah Öcalan said: “I was going to pass to the Netherlands via Minsk before going to Nairobi. Again, I waited for more than 2 hours in the freezing cold of Minsk by private plane. The expected plane did not arrive. Belarus airport police checked the plane for minutes. As a possibility and perhaps the last opportunity, they would drop me off at Minsk Airport. The rest was at the mercy of the Belarusian administration. Turkish Minister of National Defence Ismet Sezgin also paid a visit to Minsk at that time. When the expected plane did not arrive, the last opportunity was lost. The return was a kind of 'white death'. While the Gladio plane was gliding over the Mediterranean, I compared this departure to the transportation of victims of the Holocaust by train with my next comment. We had entered the most critical period of the genocide regime inflicted on a people personally. I saw the hidden and true face of NATO during these expeditions. On the way back from Minsk, an urgent alert was given to prevent the plane from landing at any European airport. It seems that Belarus, the only rebellious state at that time, did not have a single airport that would accept landings other than Minsk Airport." 
PKK Leader stated that after being taken to Nairobi, he was given three options: "A death disguised as a conflict due to disobedience to orders for a long time, I will not submit to the CIA's command and surrender without repeating its orders and I will be handed over to the Turkish special warfare teams that have already been prepared. Dilan, one of the people who was with me in Nairobi, was in an uneasy mood. If she had fully explained her thoughts and mobilized non-governmental organizations, perhaps the conspiracy could have been partially foiled or prevented. I found it strange that she suggested defending ourselves with a gun. This meant suicide for us and for me. I had no intention of committing suicide. She was around me until the last moment, insisting that I carry the gun on me. If I had the gun on me and tried to pull it, this attitude would definitely mean death. Later, during interrogation, I was told that there was an order to shoot if I used a gun. They said that leaving the embassy would mean death. They stated that I took the smartest attitude. We cannot know how much truth they told.
The attitude of Greek Ambassador George Kostoulas during the 15-day Nairobi period is worth understanding. Was it prepared as part of the plan long ago? I couldn't figure this out myself. He never came to the house that was his residence before I was handed over. He got a little harsh on the Nairobi fiend because I wanted to be forced out of the embassy. But this attitude may also be dishonest. This time, former Prime Minister of Greece, Teodoros Pangalos, supposedly got permission to go to the Netherlands. I didn't quite believe it. Because Greek special teams were waiting in ambush to attack me and take me out by force if I didn't leave the house. Kenyan police were prepared to do the same. Of course, going to the Republic of South Africa had already remained a story of deception. Suggestions such as taking refuge in the church or the UN were always suspicious. I insisted on not going out.”
Abdullah Öcalan emphasized that the international conspiracy extending from October 9, 1998 to February 15, 1999 could not be organized by any power other than the USA and said. “The role of the Turkish special war forces (the head of these forces was General Engin Alan) in this process was only to carry me to Imralı by plane in a controlled manner. The process was definitely one in which the most important operation in NATO history was carried out. This was so obvious that no one could display a contrary attitude in the places we visited. Those who exhibited were immediately neutralized. Even Great Russia was clearly neutralized. The attitude of the Greeks was already enough to explain everything. The security measures taken inside and outside the house I stayed in Rome were quite revealing. They had taken extraordinary measures specific to captivity. They didn't even let me step outside. Private security teams were keeping everything under control 24 hours a day, right up to the door of my room."
PKK Leader stated that the conspiracy was the implementation of the Greater Middle East Project and said: “D'Alema Government was a left democratic government. D'Alema was inexperienced and could not make decisions alone. He traveled all over Europe. England told him that he should make his own decision; He didn't show much solidarity towards it. Brussels' stance was not clear. Ultimately, we were referred to the judiciary. It was impossible not to see Gladio's influence in this attitude. Italy was already one of the countries where Gladio was strongest. Berlusconi mobilized all his power. He was Gladio's man. I had to leave Italy because I knew it couldn't handle me. Of course, in return, Turkey became the most reliable but most satellite country of the USA and Israel. The process that was claimed to be wildly globalizing was actually nothing more than the story of Turkey being dragged into global financial capitalism. One of the key steps in the implementation of the Greater Middle East Project and the first one was the operation against me. It was not for nothing that Ecevit said, ‘I never understood why Öcalan was handed over.’ Just as the First World War was started with the shooting of the Austrian Crown Prince by a Serbian nationalist, the Third World War was also started with the operation against me. In order to understand the process after the operation, it is necessary to thoroughly understand what happened before and during the operation."
Reminding the statement of General Galtieri, Special Adviser to the US President, that they directed the operation on the orders of Clinton, Abdullah Öcalan underlined that the Third World War, which he stated that it started with a conspiracy was real and that the centre of gravity and cultural environment was the Middle East geography, said: "Only the 'Third World' Even what happened in Iraq, the centre of intensity of the war, clearly explains that the war here is not about a country, but about the interests and existence of the world hegemonic powers. This war can only be ended by completely neutralizing Iran, stabilizing Afghanistan and Iraq, and removing China and Latin America from being a threat. Therefore, we are in the middle of the war. Although it is not correct in terms of social sciences to say anything definitive, the war may continue for at least 10 years (NATO's latest strategic plans also foresee a period of 10 years). Sometimes diplomacy, sometimes violence will intensify. The agenda will be intervened with severe and controlled economic crises. The priorities of the areas will change, but one way or another, the war will take place in many areas. However, when this basic nature of the war is taken into consideration, it will be better understood why the 1998 operation against me was carried out on an international scale and was NATO's largest Gladio operation. Undoubtedly, hegemonic powers do not always win in great wars, and peoples can also gain a lot. Even hegemonic powers may lose systematically, people may win systematically."
MA / Özgür Paksoy