February report of DFG: 42 journalists imprisoned

AMED - Announcing its February report, DFG pointed out that 42 journalists are still imprisoned and called for "solidarity" for journalists.
Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) published its report on human rights violations against journalists in February. The report pointed out that human rights violations against journalists were increasing. In the report, "The detention of Kibriye Evren and Selamet Turan on February 9, the detention of 5 journalists in Izmir on February 13, and the detention of 3 journalists in Van on February 27 were the most striking issues. The release of journalists in Izmir on the condition of house arrest and judicial control after a 4-day detention period actually means 'We are releasing you, but we are imprisoning you at home and preventing you from doing journalism'. This is exactly what we say journalists are not asked to report on. Apart from these detentions, the detention and arrest of PIRHA reporter Diren Keser in Mersin was a development that reinforced how afraid the government is of journalists."
The report noted that there had been no news from journalist Süleyman Ahmed, who is detained in the Federal Kurdistan Region, for 132 days, and reminded that DFG Co-chair Dicle Müftüoğlu was released in February. The report asks: “Why was Dicle Müftüoğlu held in prison for 10 months? Is there a judicial body that can answer this question? Maybe Dicle is among us now, but what will we do with the 10 months stolen from her freedom, what kind of legal terms will we explain? This situation applies not only to Müftüoğlu but also to all journalists held in prison. Yes, maybe there were journalists who were released in February, but many journalists are still deprived of their freedom within four walls. This legal absurdity remains a black stain on the country's freedom of thought and expression. For this reason, we demand the immediate release of all journalists deprived of their freedom.”
Emphasizing that journalists are seen as "enemies" in Turkey, the report continued: "The government is in a position that does not like journalists in general and is trying to prevent the news they make. It is not satisfied with this and is focused on eliminating the news about its own government and its supporters by criminalizing them. They think that the facts can be concealed by such obstructions. Of course, the pressures and obstructions may prevent healthy journalism at a certain level, but this cannot stop journalists who do real journalism and pursue the truth with dignity. It means 'free press, free society'. We cannot talk about the freedom of a society without freedom of journalists. For this reason, we invite all segments of society to be in solidarity with journalists and defend their right to receive news."
The report stated that 4 journalists were attacked, 11 journalists' houses were raided and 13 journalists were detained in February. It was reported that 3 journalists were arrested, 9 journalists were subjected to ill-treatment and 5 journalists were prevented from following the news.
While an investigation was launched against 8 journalists, a prison sentence of 20 years, 6 months and 18 days was requested for the 4 journalists. It was stated in the report that 53 journalists' files were ongoing and the number of detained journalists is 42 as of March 4. In the report stating that 11 broadcast bans were given by Radio and Television High Council (RTUK), it was stated that 1 website is closed, 30 news items are blocked and 51 media contents are blocked.

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