Release of 30-year prisoner Parıltı postponed for the second time

MARDİN - The release of Memduh Parıltı, who is being held in Ereğli High Security Closed Prison, was postponed for the second time on the grounds that she was "not behaving well".
Memduh Parıltı (57) who was arrested on November 2, 1992 in the Qoser (Kızıltepe) district of Mêrdîn, was prevented from being released for the second time due to the Prison Monitoring Board's decision that he was "not behaving well" despite completing his life sentence. Parıltı, who was sentenced to life imprisonment as a result of the trial held at the Diyarbakır State Security Court (DGM), was held in prisons in Amed, Ceyhan, Trabzon, Antalya, Merdîn, Siverek and Mereş, respectively. The release of Parıltı, who was transferred to Konya Ereğli High Security Prison after the earthquakes on February 6, was postponed for 3 months in December with the decision of the Prison Monitoring Board. It turned out that Parıltı, who was expected to be released on June 11, 2023, was once again delayed for 3 months after he called his relatives.
Meeting with his elder brother Veysi Parıltı, Parıltı stated that the Observation Board stated that he was "not behaving well" on the grounds that he said "PKK is not a terrorist organization" and that he did not regret it, and that his release was postponed.
Veysi Parıltı, who is also the branch manager of the Human Rights Association (İHD), stated that the board is not a legal board and said: "It is a human rights violation that a person who has completed his sentence is not released without a court, prosecutor, or judge by a board decision. My brother was asked if he regretted it and he says that he has held for the sake of this ideology because of his beliefs and thoughts. What will he regret after this time? When he was released, they asked where he would go, he said that he would go to his children and grandchildren. They asked if the PKK was a 'terrorist organization', he said it was not. He's already been arrested for this case. Whatever his crime is, he has completed his sentence and should be released. There is no law and no justice. In the absence of law, about 200 people are in this situation, including my brother.”
Noting that the problem of justice in Turkey is not independent of the Kurdish Question, Parıltı said: “The question stems from the Kurdish language, Kurdish culture, Kurdish history, existence and non-existence of the Kurds. If these problems are accepted and solved, justice will come by itself. Democracy also comes to Turkey. If these are not accepted, if the rights, law and justice are not approached and natural rights demands are not fulfilled, neither the justice nor the law of the country will be served. Its economy is not improving either. No matter how you look at it, the solution to the problems is depending on the solution of the Kurdish Question. I do not see it possible for the Ministry of Justice to fulfill these statements before the Kurdish Question is resolved.”
MA / Ahmet Kanbal

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