Journalist Şengalî: If Shengal is weakened, Rojava will also weaken

NEWS CENTER - Stating that the attacks against Makhmur and Shengal are within the scope of the “October 9 Agreement”, Journalist Argeş Şengalî said: "If Makhmur weakens, Shengal will weaken; if Shengal is weakened, Rojava will also weaken."
Following the murder of Osman Köse, an officer in Turkey's Erbil Consulate in Hewler, the capital of the Federated Kurdistan Region, Makhmur is under siege by the Iraqi Army after years of attacks by Turkey. In addition to Makhmur, Ezidis who lived through the 73rd massacre in the ISIS attacks were also targeted with the "Shengal Agreement" signed between Baghdad and Hewler on October 9, 2020, under pressure from Turkey. After Turkey's air strikes on Shengal, the Iraqi Army, which wanted to enter Shengal under the pressure of the KDP, took a step back in the face of the resistance of the people; however, the Iraqi Army's threats and Turkey's air strikes on Shengal did not end.
Journalist Argeş Şengalî evaluated the attacks against the region, new plans and the attitude of the people in the face of possible attacks.
Stating that the attacks intensified because the "Shengal Agreement" could not be implemented in the region, journalist Şengalî said: "The provocation attempts towards the region continue. There is a desire to bring the Yazidi community and the Muslim community against each other by causing chaos in the region. All of these plans are interconnected and cannot be separated from the Shengal Agreement. The attack was launched with the agreement, but since the Ezidis are an organized society, they did not allow these policies and opposed them. The Shengal Autonomous Administration, opposing this agreement, clearly showed its stance by saying that 'any agreement made against the will of the Êzidîs is unacceptable.' When this agreement was not successful and they did not settle in the region as they wanted, this time they started to attack the Yazidis by putting the Iraqi Army into action. They developed each attack, but failed to achieve their goal because they knew that there was no ground for this agreement."
Emphasizing that this agreement was the basis of the attacks against Şengalî, Makhmur and Rojava, Şengali said: “There were provocation attempts before. They wanted to present the Ezidis as the enemy front with these attempts, but these policies have failed because there is an organized society here. When the Iraqi Army failed, the KDP made some preparations. We know that in the meeting Sudani (Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia es-Sudani) had with Mesut Barzani (KDP Chairperson), they talked about the preparation of new plans to be made on Shengal. They will want to implement these plans gradually. Part of this plan is the complete closure of the border in Shengal that opens to Rojava. They want to take the breath of the people of Rojava. In addition, the blockade attempt against Makhmur cannot be evaluated independently of this plan. As a result of these negotiations, they wanted to blockade Makhmur. As part of these plans, air strikes are carried out on Shengal every day. After the blockade of Makhmur began, Shengal was attacked from the air twice. But the resistance in Makhmur gave the necessary response to these attacks. It forced Iraq to take a step back. If Maxmur is weak today, Shengal is weak; If Shengal gets weaker, Rojava will also get weaker because these regions are governed by the democratic nation system. This system is renewing itself day by day and getting stronger. The system also becomes the target of attacks because it gets stronger.”

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