Abdullah Öcalan: AKP is trying to create a Kurdish Hamas

NEWS CENTER - Stating that the AKP has developed new methods to liquidate the Kurds, PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan pointed out the deep power and plans behind Hezbollah and noted that "the AKP is trying to create a Kurdish Hamas(Islamic Resistance Movement)."
Presidential and General Elections also opened the curtains of a new era with the alliances formed by political parties. The People's Alliance, which includes the AKP and MHP, the Free Cause Party, the Welfare Party, and the Great Unity Party (BBP), which takes the Kurdish hostility at the center of its politics, gave the message that it will continue its policy of insolvency and war in the Kurdish issue, both through alliances and with statements made in the squares during the election process.
AKP Istanbul MP Süleyman Soylu, who has come to the fore with his Kurdish hostility since 2016, when he came to the seat of the Ministry of Interior, announced the codes of the AKP's alliances before the May 28 second round elections.
Stating that the alliance with the Free Cause Party is the "state mind", Soylu said "What would we have done if we had left HUDA PAR to that side", these words of Soylu displayed the strategic move.
The AKP, which put the plan to liquidate the Kurds on July 24, 2015, with the "Plan of Collapse", which it had decided at the National Security Council (MGK) meeting on October 30, 2014, resorted to new methods when it could not get the desired result. AKP started to show the signs of this with the alliances it formed under the name of elections. As a matter of fact, with the Free Cause Party's participation in the People's Alliance, Hezbollah, known for its Kurdish massacres in the 1990s, came to the fore again.
PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, in previous meetings with his lawyers in the Imrali Type F High Security Prison, where he was held in severe isolation conditions, had pointed out the AKP's plans to liquidate the Kurds, warning that "the AKP is trying to create a Kurdish HamaS".
Pointing out that political Islam has been associated with parties since the beginning of the Republic, Abdullah Öcalan said: "In the past, the Democrat Party, then the Justice Party and the National Salvation Party, and now this continues with the AKP. A wing of political Islam relies on the Saudis through Syria and receives economic aid. Hezbollah, which massacred thousands of Kurds, is not independent of them. These relations should be explained to the public well, the leader of the PKK said in his lawyer meeting on September 13, 2007. We should not forget the brutality that has been experienced. Didn't they kill thousands of poor Kurdish patriots by approaching people from behind in Diyarbakır with an ax or a single bullet to their necks? If they let go, they will brutally murder us all. First, they massacred leftist Kemalists such as Bahriye Üçok and Uğur Mumcu."
Stating that Hezbollah is dangerous and that the public should be made aware of it, Abdullah Öcalan said: in the meeting on 19 September 2007, “In the past, they were driven against us as Hizbul-contra. They massacred thousands of patriots. The state turned a blind eye to them. Now even the courts say that this attitude is wrong. They say we made a mistake by using Hezbollah. Today's team is no different from Hizbul-contra; The goal is liquidation. AKP is trying to create a Kurdish Hamas. They did not call Hamas and negotiate in vain. Just as Hamas eliminated the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), they want to bring the PKK to the same fate as the PLO."
Stating that Hezbollah was first organized under the Science Society and then split into two, Abdullah Öcalan, in his meeting on January 9, 2008 said: “First it was ten people, then it became a hundred people, thousands of people, and they cut the people of Diyarbakır with lines. Now they are more numerous and more dangerous. First they supported and used Velioğlu, and his later situation is known. They can do a good job by mobilizing all Diyarbakir forces. Those who make politics on behalf of Diyarbakir should tell this.”
Pointing out that some organizations in the region are Hezbollah's unarmed state, Abdullah Öcalan said in the meeting held on 1 November 2010: “This is very serious, they are forming an unarmed Hezbollah. In time, using the religion of Islam for their purposes can take on a very dangerous character. The AKP's aim is to create its own Hamas. In such a case, they will swallow you raw. Mr. Prime Minister may not be aware of the extent of this danger and the seriousness of the matter, but if these Hamas-style organizations take over the region, he will no longer be able to control it, and they will not only try to liquidate us, but they can take the whole region under their control. They did the same in Palestine, how did they get power from El Fatah? Haven't you seen what this Hamas mentality has done in Palestine? In the process of seizing power, they threw people off the tops of buildings. The same process is desired to be repeated in the region. These have nothing to do with religion. They are trying to do this with fake Islam."

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