Relatives of those killed in Afrin: Pay the perpetrators to account

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  • 16:43 24 March 2023
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NEWS CENTER - Relatives of Nezmi Osman, who was murdered by paramilitary forces of Turkey during the Newroz celebration, called "Pay the perpetrators to account". The occupation must be ended."
Turkey's Ehrar El Sharqiye paramilitary forces opened fire on those who wanted to celebrate Newroz in Afrin's Cindirês district on March 20, killing 4 members of the same family and wounding 3 others. Relatives of those who had to settle in the Ehdas district of Shehba Canton during Turkey's attacks in 2018 spoke to Hawar News Agency (ANHA).
Ebdîn Osman, son of the murdered Nezmî Osman, said: "My uncle's son lit a fire in a small bucket on the roof of the house. Then a group of gang members came and pressed my father. After an argument, the gang members fired more than 10 shots at my father. Then my two uncles came, they killed them too. They also killed my uncle's son."
Calling the international community and human rights organizations to "hold accountability" from Turkey and its affiliated paramilitary forces, Ebdin said: "All Kurds were targeted in the massacre. Everyone should raise the level of serhildan, fulfill their responsibilities towards the 2023 Newroz martyrs and prevent the crimes of the invading Turkish state."
Osman's sister, Tolîn Osman, called for "revenge" to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Demanding the removal of Turkey and its affiliated paramilitary forces from Afrin, Osman said: "This family has been targeted because it is patriotic. They wanted to extinguish the Newroz fire on the bodies of my brother and nephew. We will follow them, we will fight against oppression. We demand that the perpetrators be held accountable."

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