Request for arrest of TJA activists

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  • 10:46 3 December 2022
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ANKARA - TJA activists, whose statements were taken by 12 prosecutors assigned at the Ankara Courthouse, were referred to the court with a request for arrest.
Within the scope of the Ankara-based investigation, 20 women, who were detained in the house raids on November 29 in Amed, Istanbul, İzmir, Muş, Ağrı, Gaziantep and Siirt, were brought to the Ankara Courthouse today, after the statement proceedings were completed 4 days later at the Ankara Police Department. The deposition proceedings, which started by 12 prosecutors appointed by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, were completed 11 hours later.
Figen Aras, Meral Şimşek, Bedia Akkaya, Didar Çeşme, Aysel Ceylan, Beritan Canyaş and Gülistan Dehşet, whose statements were taken by the Prosecutor's Office for "directing a terrorist organisation" and "acting on behalf of a terrorist organisation", were referred to the court with a request for arrest.
The judgeship inquiries of the women who were referred to the court began.
Merve Tekin Demirel, Sultan Esen and Tamcihan Çelebi, whose statements were taken by the prosecutor's office, were referred to the court for the application of the house arrest condition. The court released Demirel, Esen and Çelebi on the condition that the house condition be applied.
A prosecutor's decision is awaited for Yeliz Ayyıldız Kıyak, Hülya Kınağu, Hülya Taşar, Mekiye Ormancı, Zekiye Güler, Zeynep Boğa, D.A., Hazal Aras, whose statements were taken.

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