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    From Edirne to Kars: Workers and peoples flocking to May 1 celebrations

    Workers and peoples flocking to the May 1 celebrations in 10 cities and counties from Edirne to Kars are saying that they will destroy the order of war and exploitation. Thousands of people, walking shoulder to shoulder with the slogan of unity, solidarity and struggle, started to fill the celebration areas.

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    A wreath for May 1 placed in Taksim

    Placing a wreath in Taksim Square, DİSK Chair Arzu Çerkezoğlu, said: "The place where May 1 should be celebrated is the Taksim Square".


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    Birca Belek Association Co-Chair: We should not allow assimilation

    While historical buildings are introduced in Turkish and English in Cizîr, Kurdish is not included. Birca Belek Language and Culture Association Co-Chair Fatma Gizçiler drew attention to the multi-faceted assimilation policies in the city and said: "We should not allow assimilation."