Police operation against HDP youth in Adana: 13 detained, Youth Assembly member battered

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  • 09:10 7 August 2020
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ADANA - Thirteen young people, including HDP council and Youth Council member Ferhat Kalkan, were detained in a police operation in Adana.
Within the scope of the operation launched by Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, this morning, police raided many houses throughout the city. The doors of some houses were broken by police to gain access, and the items in the houses were scattered around.
Following the raids, 13 people, including the Democratic Party of Peoples (HDP) Party Assembly (PM) and Youth Assembly member Ferhat Kalkan and members of Adana Youth Assembly, were detained. Those detained on the allegation of being "members of an illegale organization" were taken to the Adana Provincial Security Directorate after a health check.
HDP Youth Assembly Member Ferhat Kalkan was beaten while being taken into custody.
Only some names of those who have been taken into custody have been learned so far. They are: Ferhat Kalkan, Halit Şaşmaz, Muhittin Kaya.
The police, who had detained Ferhat Kalkan in another house, raided his family home as well. Police said to the family: "We need to take one of you to the police station," and brought Muhittin Kaya to Adana Provincial Police Headquarters.