Youth protest abuse in Kızıltepe

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  • 08:58 17 July 2020
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MARDİN - A group of young people protested the sexual abuse taken place in Şırnak and Batman with a march in Kızıltepe. 

A group of young people gathered in Mardin's Kızıltepe disctrict ptotested the fact that a child was sexually assaulted by a specialized surgeant in Şırnak and Batman with a march. The young people started the march with banners in their hands marched from Uğur Kaymaz Square (Uğur Kaymaz was killed by a law enforcement officer in a protest while he was 13) to the Liberty Square and shouted the slogan 'Do not be silent, or it will be you next'.
The youth ended their protest with slogans after their march is complete.