Peace Mother marched in Mardin: Release ill prisoners

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  • 16:49 20 December 2021
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MARDİN - Peace Mothers, marching to draw attention to the increasing deaths and isolation in prisons in Mardin, called out to those responsible, "Enough is enough."
Members of the Peace Mothers Council came to Mardin from different cities to draw attention to the increasing deaths in prisons and to protest the isolation with the slogan "We will break the isolation, we will build a free life".
The Peace Mothers, including Halime Gezer,  mother of Garibe Gezer who died in Kandıra No. 1 Type F Closed Prison, gathered in front of the Mardin Courthouse before the press release, went to the Karayolları Park after arguing with the police for a while. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MPs Remziye Tosun and Semra Güzel also supported the crowd that gathered in the park.
Carrying the photographs of the prisoners who lost their lives in TUrkish prisons recently, mothers shouted the slogans, “Bijî Berxwedana Zindana” (Long live our resistance in dungeons) and “Girtîyen sîyasî rumeta me ye” (Political prisoners are our honour).
Speaking at the press release, HDP Mardin Provincial Co-chair Perihanm Ağaoğlu underlined that the isolation in prisons deepens day by day, drew attention to the increasing deaths in prisons. Pointing out that letting prisoners die in prison will not lead to a solution, Ağaoğlu called for the immediate release of the prisoners.
Stressing that they did not give birth to these children to die in prisons, Peace Mother Besna Günay told that even though they have been calling for peace, people continue to get out of prisons in coffins. Stating that mothers should not get hurt any more, Günay said: "They said the prisoners killed themselves. We know that this is not true. Don't they know the reason for it? Don't they know who did it?"
Underlining that her daughter did not kill herself, Halime Gezer, mother of Garibe Gezer, said: "My daughter was murdered. How will you account for it? What was your problem with my daughter? You starved her and then you killed her.Just like the other. You kill them and claim that they have committed suicide. We will never accept this. Stop killing our children. You have murdered two of my children. Garibe did not die. She lives here in my heart. You are afraid of her photographs. You abducted her dead body! Enough is enough!" 
Mothers started to march towards the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) after the press release. Police who stopped the mothers told that they won't allow them to march. The police cut the road with their shields while mothers countinued to shout slogans.
Arguing with the police for a while to unblock the road, mothers ended the march after a while.