KJAR member Şaho: There is a rebellion against the system in Iran

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  • 11:36 27 September 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that the slogan "Jin, jiyan, azadi" in the protests led by women in Iran is a hidden truth in the universe, Berivan Şaho, a member of the KJAR Communication Committee said: "The capitalist modernity system is afraid of this rebellion but the victory belongs to the people and the women."
In Iran and Rojhilat, women have been protesting on the street for days over the murder of 22-year-old Jîna Mahsa Amini by the "morality police". The protests, led by women who burned their headscarves and cut their hair, spread all over the world. According to the data of Iran's Human Rights Organisation, at least 54 people were killed by the police and the Revolutionary Guards during the demonstrations in the country. Extensive arrests by the police began. The Iranian regime is blocking communication by cutting off internet access across the country.
Despite all this, women continue their rebellion against the rigid practices of both the regime and the patriarchal society with the slogan "Jin, jiyan, azadi" (Women, Life, Freedom). We spoke with Berivan Şaho, a journalist and member of the Communication Committee of the East Kurdistan Women's Association (Civaka Jinên Rojhelatî Kurdistan-KJAR), which was established against the patriarchal and anti-democratic practices that all women living in Iran, especially women from Rojhilat.
Describing the events in Iran and Rojhilat as a "revolution", Şaho said: "The system at the world level is changing in general and this system is in a great crisis, in chaos. Two ideologies dominate the world now. One of these ideologies is capitalist modernity and the other is democratic modernity. These two ideologies now stand face to face. In particular, there is a serious attack on the peoples of the Middle East. But we see that a new system has been established against this system. This is democratic modernity. Capitalist modernity generally attacks women and then spreads these attacks to the entire population. It wants to impose its demands and policies on the public through women. The capitalist modernity wants to create a woman who fits its system, and it carries out this policy especially on the female body. Contrary to the capitalist system, which exploits, ignores and makes women its own tool, the democratic modernity system protects women. Women who resist and have willpower for this have been the model of this system. What the capitalist system imposes on women does not belong either to women or to this society. In fact, this democratic modernity is the war of the system against capitalist modernity.”
Saying that the system that has been imposed on the people for years has begun to be destroyed by women, Şaho said: "We see that both peoples and women are against this system in Iran. The demands of women have never been accepted. That's why we have seen the revolt of women and peoples against this system for years. There is a hijab policy that has never been accepted. Women have always protested against this system. Now we see that there is a great rebellion against this system. There is a rebellion every year in all four parts of Kurdistan."
Pointing out that the popular rebellion that started in Iran and Rojhilat will bring about serious changes, Şaho continued: "We see that the people have no patience anymore. So far, the protests have spread to more than 80 cities in Iran. The protests were carried out with the slogan 'Jin, jiyan, azadi'. This slogan was a hidden truth in the universe. In this uprising led by women, we see that society is not satisfied with the system. Dozens of people have been martyred, dozens of injured and hundreds of arrests have been made so far. Despite this, the Iranian government's persecution cannot silence the people because the people are no longer hungry for them. They do not accept the system that leaves them without their will. No one can silence the voice of the Iranian people or ignore them. This system has imposed everything that does not belong to women and society. But it is no longer possible for the peoples to accept this. The people now want the capitalist modernity system to be destroyed. The system has brought them no gain but harm.To date, it has only imposed poverty and misery. tti. Those who lost their lives in protests in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan are buried at night and people take to the streets during the day. It is not possible for people to accept this system anymore. The demand of the Iranian people is not only the demand of a society or a group, but the demands of all masses who want freedom. That's why everyone fighting for freedom should support this revolution. The capitalist system of modernity fears this rebellion but the victory belongs to the people and the women."
MA / Zeynep Durgut