Dişarı, a Democratic Modernity worker, was arrested

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  • 17:06 26 September 2022
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İSTANBUL - Democratic Modernity Magazine employee Ramazan Dişarı was arrested on the grounds that the  magazine  identification card he worked for was "fake", the news about him and the magazine he sold.
Democratic Modernity Magazine employee Ramazan Dişarı was detained yesterday while distributing magazines at the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Tekirdağ provincial congress. Dişarı, who was detained in Tekirdağ Provincial Security Directorate and accused of "being a member of a terrorist organisation", "propagandising for a terrorist organisation" and "providing finance to the organisation", gave a statement at the police station.
Dişarı, who did not admit the crimes in his statement at the police station, stated that he bought and sold magazines from publishing houses and stated that this was not a crime.

Dişarı was also injured by the attacker who was present in the district building of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the armed attack on the Bahçelievler district building on December 28, 2021 by Muhammet Eren Sütçü. Making a statement to the Mesopotamia Agency (MA), who went to the scene of the attack, Dişarı was also asked about his news in MA. In his statement, which stated that he was a HDP member, Dişarı stated that the news about him appeared not only in MA, but also in many news sites because he was politically attacked.

Dişarı, who was transferred to the Tekirdağ Courthouse today and for whom the prosecutor demanded arrest, repeated his statement at the 2nd Criminal Court of Peace.

Dişarı's lawyer, Özcan Kılıç said:"The income of the magazines he sells is not even a thousand TL, and that this figure cannot be considered to provide finance and support to the organisation. My client is not one of the responsibles of the magazine and he will not be accused. The press card on Dişarı is only a magazine identification card. The evidence was collected in the file, there was no suspicion of blackening the evidence, his residence was fixed, and there was no suspicion of escaping, and therefore demanded that Dişarı be released pending trial.


After the deposition proceedings, the Criminal Court of Peace claimed that the introduction card of the Democratic Modernity Magazine found on Dişarı was a "fake" press card. The court issued an arrest warrant on the grounds that magazine  identification card was a "fake" press card and the "content" and "quality" of the Democratic Modernity Magazines sold by Dişarı. Dişarı was taken to Tekirdağ Muratlı Prison.