‘Our only social activity is walking’


ÊLİH - Citizens in Êlih, who are having difficulty making ends meet due to the economic crisis, demanded an end to the military expenditures that swallowed the country like a black hole and emphasized that "the solution is democracy and law".

The war policy, to which the AKP-MHP government devotes all resources, drags the country into a spiral of poverty and violence. While increasing inflation and exchange rates deepen the economic crisis, citizens cannot even meet their most basic needs. While minimum wage earners trying to make ends meet with 17 thousand Liras cannot make ends meet, retirees are troubled by the 10 thousand Liras salary they receive.
Citizens in Êlih (Urfa) talked about the existing tray.
Stating that he is having a hard time making ends meet, Resul Şenses noted that the fish he previously bought for 10 Liras per kilo is now 120 Liras, and the egg he bought for 8 Liras per carton is now 100 Liras. Şenses said: “If there is theft, there will be an economic crisis. They steal and eat. We are all rotten, we cannot survive."
Murat Doğu, who described their economic situation as "the bottom of the bottom", said: "90 percent of people live thinking about tomorrow. Everyone restricts themselves, their families and their lives. Our only social activity is walking. We look but we can't buy it.” Doğu, who is 48 years old, said that the problems have increased especially in the last two years.
Stating that the reason is the lack of management of the economy, Doğu said the following: “People need to give importance to their peace and happiness. Because human peace depends on the economy. They need to put it on the table. How can we make people happy, how can we open doors of income, what kind of employment can we provide? They need to think about these a lot and come up with solutions. People no longer look at the words. There is trouble in the world, there is corona, there is war. They need to bring the social state to the fore.”
Wanting to find a solution for the economy, Ferzende İlge stated the following: “In the past, you could buy the entire market with a thousand Liras. Now you can't fill your kitchen. We pay 400 Liras for two or three bags. It's hard to make a living."
Emphasizing that everyone is in a difficult situation, Hamdiye Egi said: “We do not know what to do with poverty. I am retired and I receive 10 thousand Liras. Telephone, water, electricity, natural gas... We are barely making ends meet. The reason for this is power. Both retirees and minimum wages need to be increased."
Underlining that the economic crisis affects everyone, Muzaffer Ergin said that one of the reasons is the cross-border operations that have been going on for years. Stating that the economic crisis cannot be resolved unless there is peace, Ergin said: "The Israeli-Palestinian war is also a big crisis, and it affects us too."
Yüksel Çılgın also stated the following: “People's current source of income is credit. Well, loans are already high, people are confused about what to do. I used to be able to get whatever I wanted. You could own a car or a house with the help of a bank, but now there is no house worth less than 3-4 million. For this, you need to apply to the bank, but if you want to buy a house worth 3-4 million, you will borrow 12 million. As you can see, no one has the chance to buy a house or a car.”
Yıldırım Yıldırım, a retired citizen, said that he had to work an additional job because he could not make ends meet. Yıldırım reacted as follows: “A kilo of meat is between 600-900 Liras today. The price of rice reached 200 Liras per kilo. The quarter exceeded 4 thousand. We can't even wear 200 Liras at weddings anymore. The new generation has forgotten the taste of red meat. It cannot enter people's houses, but it can enter the palace and the Parliament. The money always goes to the gang of five. The solution is democracy and law. The education and healthcare system is currently collapsed. They robbed the country. It is enough."
Stating that the "black hole" of the country is military expenditures, Yıldırım said: "Why do you go and rain bombs on the mountains with my taxes? On the one hand, they say 'let there be war', and on the other hand, they take away the goods. If there is no war, how will they take the goods? How many hospitals and schools can be built with a bomb dropped? You say 'Palestine, Palestine'. Okay, we are on the side of the oppressed, but there is also a war that has been going on for 40 years. Why don't you mention this? That's enough! What did they do to the country by lying and talking about war? Unless war spending is stopped, nothing will improve."
MA / Rukiye Adıgüzel