Infinite credit to Mêrdîn trustee: Debt limit exceeded 4 times

MÊRDÎN - It was revealed that the debt of MARSU, affiliated with the Mêrdîn Metropolitan Municipality, which the DEM Party won in the local elections, was 2 billion 123 million 123 thousand TL, and the debt limit was exceeded approximately 4 times.
Mêrdîn Metropolitan Municipality, whose trustee was appointed for the second time by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on August 19, 2019, came under the management of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) in the local elections held on March 31. Following the re-appointment of trustees in 2019, some real estate properties were sold in the municipality, where 3 trustees were changed, while most of them were transferred to the Investment Monitoring Coordination Directorate (YİKOB) affiliated with Mardin Governorship, on the grounds that they were "surplus to needs". Again, while the municipality's resources were transferred to AKP municipalities, the trustee administration made decisions to withdraw millions of liras of loans from the Iller Bank before the elections.
The trustee administration indebted the Metropolitan Municipality by 400 million Liras and the General Directorate of Mardin Water and Sewerage Administration (MARSU) by 620 million Liras between November 2016 and April 2019, Trustee administration added debt to the debts. The trustee administration canceled a large part of the municipality's debt by selling its most valuable immovable properties to the Treasury Department under the name of "transfer" in return for the municipality's debts.
However, the trustee administration approximately quadrupled the debt of MARSU, which is affiliated with the municipality. The debt of MARSU had a debt of 620 million TL in 2019 and now it is increased to 2 billion 123 million 123 thousand 133 Liras as of September 2023 within a 5-year period. It is estimated that the amount of debt is higher, with MARSU's debts incurred since September. 
MA / Ahmet Kanbal