KESK Amed Branches Platform: Decree Law and State of Emergency are disorganizing the people

AMED - Pointing out that the Decree Law and the State of Emergency used unorganized workers, KESK Amed Branches Platform called for an end to the implementation of Article 35.
Confederation of Public Employees' Unions (KESK) Amed Branch Platform, in the Bajarê Nû (Yenişehir) district of Amed, in the 83rd week of the action they organized to demand the reinstatement of the public workers who were dismissed from their duties by the Decree Law (KHK) and the annulment of the 35th article. They met in Hazal Park. In the action attended by many union members, "Decree Laws will go, we will stay" banner was unfurled. During the statement, the slogan "Bijî berxwedana kedkaran" was frequently chanted.
The statement was read by Health and Social Service Workers' Union (SES) Amed Branch Co-chair Mehmet Nur Ulus.
Pointing out that the government wants to take revenge on the Kurds, the opposition and the workers when any political, economic, cultural and moral crisis occurs, Ulus said: "This government deepens the problems in the country and does not have the power to solve them."
Stating that the opposition and the Kurds were placed under a State of Emergency (OHAL), Ulus said: “Civil institutions, opposition media were all closed, oppositionists and Kurdish workers were deported. We will say once again that this is not justice. We will hold our expelled friends to account. Let this be well known.”
Ulus said: "We will continue our struggle for labor and democracy no matter what the cost. The State of Emergency and the Decree Law use unorganized workers, subjugate and disorganize the entire people. At the same time, it perpetuates lawlessness and disrupts public peace. We call once again for the implementation of Article 35 to be terminated and for our expelled friends to return to their jobs. We also call for an end to all illegal and anti-democratic practices in the country.”