2024 budget, one-tenth of which will allocate to 'war', presented to the commission


ANKARA - The 2024 budget, which is expected to be 11 trillion 89 billion lira in total, was presented to the Planning and Budget Commission today. In the budget, it is envisaged that 1 trillion 133 billion 500 million lira will be allocated to "defense and security" and 1 trillion 133 billion 500 million lira to "war".

"2024 Central Government Budget Law Proposal" was presented to the Planning and Budget Commission. In the bill proposal, the total expenditure of Turkey's 2024 budget was predicted to be 11 trillion 89 billion liras. However, the income was calculated to be 8 trillion 437 billion 100 million liras. Accordingly, the budget deficit will be at least around 6.4 percent.
It was predicted that there would be a budget deficit of 3.5 percent in Turkey's 2023 budget. This corresponded to a deficit of 4 trillion 470 billion liras.
As of the budget proposal, income tax is 1 trillion 188.9 billion liras, corporate tax is 1 trillion 275.7 billion liras, value added tax is 2 trillion 497.7 billion liras, special consumption tax is 1 trillion 403.9 billion liras, other tax revenues are 1 trillion. 41.5 billion lira and non-tax revenues were predicted as 1 trillion 29.4 billion lira.
In the budget proposal, it was envisaged to spend 1 trillion 133 billion 500 million lira in the field of "Defense and Security". A budget of 1 trillion 615 billion lira was allocated for education, 1 trillion 650 million lira for health and 497 billion lira for social assistance. Only 384 billion lira allocation was planned for the agricultural sector. In 2024, a total of 2 trillion 865.9 billion lira was predicted for personnel expenses and 669.8 billion lira for goods and service procurement expenses. In the budget expenditure distribution, 1 trillion 254 billion lira was calculated for the "interest" item.