Workers called from Diyarbakır: This order will change


DİYARBAKIR - At the May 1 celebration in Amed(Diyarbakır), the workers gave the message, "This order will change".

A statement was made in Dağkapı Square, under the leadership of Amed Labor and Democracy Platform, on the occasion of May 1, Day of Unity, Struggle and Solidarity. The workers wanted to enter the area in the form of two corteges from Urfakapı in the central Sur district and Lise Street in Yenişehir district. When the march was not allowed, the area was entered in groups. The participants of the celebration were taken to Dağkapı Square, which was closed with barriers, by a police search. "Defense will not obey", "We women will change this order against poverty, inequality and labor exploitation" were shouted in the celebration supported by the Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) Amed MPs candidates and political parties. 
Speaking in the Kirmancki dialect of Kurdish on behalf of the Organizing Committee on the 1 May program, Siraç Çelik touched upon the history of May 1, its prohibition in Turkey and its subsequent acceptance as an official holiday. Referring to the bans and pressures, Çelik mentioned the arrest of many people, including journalists, politicians, lawyers and artists, in an Amed-based operation on April 25, and said that this was a step to silence everyone on the eve of the election. Saying that the system is a "forceful" system, Çelik said, "We will not leave these squares to you. There are elections on May 14. This challenge will give you a strong answer. Don't forget that."
Stating that the tax collected from workers and employees is spent on armament under the name of defense and security, on capital as incentive-tax amnesty, on bosses, Barut said: “They aim to ensure their own survival with the policy of deadlock and destruction in the Kurdish issue. They want the rent and exploitation order to continue. They always want dark centers and militarist structures to protect their interests. Those who had the same aim came together under the umbrella of the most fascist and most reactionary alliance on the way to the elections. Their common points are denial and security policies in the Kurdish question, anti-women, reaction, opposition to peace, and the abolition of democracy. It is the order of trustees, expulsions, injustice, monism, militarism, torture, inhuman practices in prisons. Our patience has run out. We said it wouldn't go like this anymore, it really doesn't. We say enough is enough for equality, freedom, justice, peace, democracy and secularism. This is not the day to complain. This order will either change or change.”