From Edirne to Kars: Workers and peoples flocking to May 1 celebrations

NEWS CENTER -  Workers and peoples flocking to the May 1 celebrations in 10 cities and counties from Edirne to Kars are saying that they will destroy the order of war and exploitation. Thousands of people, walking shoulder to shoulder with the slogan of unity, solidarity and struggle, started to fill the celebration areas.
From Edirne to Kars, hundreds of thousands of people in tens of cities and towns began to pour into the May Day celebration areas. Workers, women, peoples are expressing their demands against the order of war and exploitation. The masses, expressing unity, solidarity and determination to struggle, started to fill the meeting areas. As each organisation marches with its own flag, banner and slogans, people marching to the celebration are are filled with enthusiasm.
One of the cities where May 1 is celebrated is Van. Thousands of workers filled the area where the celebration will take place. Democratic mass organisations and political parties, who took their places in the cortege around Hayat Hospital early in the morning, marched to Musa Anter Park with slogans. Shouting slogans against war and exploitation, the participation in the celebrations is above expectation even though it is too early. 
While the entrance to the celebration area is made from three different check points, the participation of the public is quite high. Journalists in Van took their place under the leadership of Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) and Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform (MKGP).
The rally, which started with music, will continue with speeches...