Motion for new trial for gold mining in Kaz Mountains


BALIKKESİR- Deputy Mayor of Çanakkale Municipality İrfan Mutluay, who participated in the ongoing watch action in the foothills of Kaz Mountains, said that they had opened a case for retrial after having identified the expert's forging signature.

The action started against the company who wants to search for gold with cyanide near the village of Kirazlı in the foothills of the Kaz Mountains in Çanakkale continues on the 14th day. Life defenders who came together in the area in Balaban against the mine site continued their action with various activities throughout the day. Yesterday at noon in Istanbul, a group of 150 people from Kadikoy visited the mining site.
Mutluay stating that they fulfill their responsibilities to protect water resources,said: "Let us give you some news here. We filed a law suit for retrial.The expert Profç Turan Karadeniz is known as the expert of every case file from nuclear power plants to fossil fuel plants. We call them the EIA (environmental impact assessment) gang. We had filed a criminal complaint about him before. We saw that the signatures he put on the reports of the different files were different. Therefore, we demanded that the prosecution be re-started on the grounds that the signature was forgery."