Thousands gathered for Kaz Mountains stops for nothing

ISTANBUL - Tens of thousands participated in the big gathering of the “Water and Conscience Watch" which was initiated against the gold mine that was intended to be established in Kaz Mountains. Despite the gendarmerie blocking the mass, the people managed to get into the construction site where hundreds of trees were cut.
The big meeting of the “Water and Conscience Watch" started on July 26 against the cyanide gold mine that was wanted to be opened by Canadian Alamos Gold Mining near Kaz Mountains and Kirazlı and Balaban villages and near the drinking water dam of Çanakkale. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the “Water and Conscience Watch” area in Kirazlı-Balaban walked to the gold mine area where 195 thousand trees were cut. The meeting organized by the Water and Conscience Watch Coordination Committee was attended by CHP deputies, nature-friendly associations, NGOs, activists and artists and tens of thousands of people.
The mass gathered in the area rallied towards the mine site. Despite the efforts of the gendarmerie blocking citizens who did not step back, the people managed to enter the construction site. A group of people planted new saplings in the area where the trees were cut.