Hasankeyf is not being visited anymore

BATMAN- Hasankeyf that have been filled with visitors in the past years with its beautiful nature and a history of 12 thousand years, have become a place no one visits because of the worksite.
Hasankeyf county of Batman will be submerged with its 12 thousand year history due to the construction of Ilısu dam. While the destruction of the city continues under the name of 'transporting the historical structures', the number of visitors which exceeded hundred thousands are next yo nothing now. The travel agencies in Europe have cut Hasankeyf off the GAP tours because there is no demand.
The castle in Hasankeyf used to be visited by millions in the past. In 2010, visiting the castle was banned. According to the data of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism , the number of visitors are decreasing year by year. After the period of curfews and July 15 coup attempt Hasankeyf is not being visited anymore. Now closing in on the end of 2018, the visitors that want to see Hasankeyf before it submerges, meets a worksite.
Travel operators who visits Kurdish cities as part of GAP tours who comes from Germany Culture Tours indicated that they organize private tours to those who wants to see the Hasankeyf for the last time. Seval Coşkun who is a travel operator in Germany says: " We expect the visits to Hasankeyf will increase in the upcoming days, because people want to see the history that turn into dust." Coşkun who learned that there are projects that prevents Hasankeyf to submerge said : " It is cruel that this historical beauty is desired to be submerged."
About the transportation of the historical arts and structures, the tour operators said that they would want to see the history in its original place better.