A hidden paradise: Salördek


DERSİM-  With the coming fall, Salördek Village in Pülümür district is visited by nature lovers and photographers.

with the coming fall, leaves are starting to fall. Salördek village of Dersim is filled with all kind of colours at this time of year.Salördek, charming its visiters with the array of bright colours is becoming a hidden paradise.Salördek is visited by nature lovers and photographers from mid- october to the end of november offers all the colours there are in the nature.
Nimet Alan who visited Salördek said she came here for the first time and she visited many places both in Turkey and abroad. Alan indicating that everywhere has its own beauties, said Dersim has an entrancing kind of beauty.Alan, "The colours and the nature in Salördek captivates us.I have seen photos of Salördek before but seeing it with my own eyes is really dazzling."
Naturelover Haydar Çetinkaya repeating that Salördek is a wonder of nature said the popler trees, the willow trees,walnut trees and plane trees are offering and immense sea of colour together. Çetinkaya also emphasized that Salördek is not only a wonder of nature plant-wise but also rich with the number of wild animal spicies residing there. Çetinkaya ended his words by saying that the natural wonder of Dersim needs to be protected and handed down to next generations