Abdullah Öcalan: We will not live as before

NEWS CENTER - Determining that his capture was the reason and that his being brought to İmralı was the result, PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan said: "I overcame the conspiracy. We will neither live as before nor fight as before.”
The United States of America (USA), which put its intervention in the Middle East into action with the Greater Middle East Project (BOP), took the first step of this by undertaking the coordinator of the conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Abdullah Öcalan was allowed to leave Syria on October 9, 1998 with the partnership of NATO member countries and global powers, established under the leadership of the USA. The conspiracy aimed at "extermination" continued when Öcalan was brought to Turkey on February 15, 1999. Abdullah Öcalan said that the biggest part of the conspiracy, which he described as "the biggest operation of NATO Gladio and the key step in the implementation of the BOP", is being tried to be brought to life in İmralı.
Öcalan frequently discussed the historical background, causes and consequences of the conspiracy during his meetings with his lawyers during his detention in the İmralı Type F High Security Prison.
Öcalan, in his meeting with his lawyer on May 10, 1999, in which he stated that he was handed over with the NATO decision and that the USA was leading this decision, said: “We were banned from landing in all European countries that day. Pirimakov also banned it that day. This must be detected. There is also a decision about me at the NATO level. I don't know what this decision entails. As far as I know, there is a democratic solution in exchange for disarmament. The decision about me was made in '96. "The NATO decision was the solution if I resisted, I would be shot or if I was taken prisoner, it was the solution." 
Emphasizing that the conspiracy should be exposed during the meeting with his lawyer on July 12, 1999, Öcalan said: “There are forty illegal points here. It needs to be investigated in depth. There is a game in Russia, there is also in Greece. I have a petition for them. The Greek Ambassador accepted to take refuge with me. Then what did they do? There is a big game. You can also ask for information from Italy. The facts must come to the fore. D'Allema's insides were also revealed. We were kidnapped from Italy. The duty of the court and the ECtHR should be to reveal this big game.”
Pointing out that the roles of the UK and the USA are very clear and that they use Greece as a subcontractor, Öcalan said in the meeting with his lawyer on 5 August 1999: “A very historic game has been played. Many aspects are not yet clear. The point that I cannot predict enough is with whom they agreed in Turkey. I said in the commission, I said that the decision about me was made in Turkey. There are spots that remain in the dark. In the past, Çiller-Thatcher together waged a full-blown war against us. England ravaged Kurdistan. The UK has a big role in the decisions regarding these Kurds."
Mentioning about the role of England in his arrival in Athens from Damascus and his capture, Abdullah Öcalan said in his lawyer meeting on 26 August 1999: “They decided to destroy me after 93. It's important that the British are dealing with such dangerous things. The day I went to Kenya, it was known that I was in Kenya. The Greeks say we did it in secret. If I had gone elsewhere, the same would have happened. Research can be done on it. Special attention should be paid to Baduvas. He is responsible for the conspiracy. The personality that needs to be enlightened the most. He has a great responsibility in my crossing from Damascus to Athens. All of Europe, including Germany, agreed that I was neutralized because of their political interests and their approach to the Kurdish Question. It doesn't even matter if I live or not. I wasn't in control, they had it. They could act as they wished. The thing about Greece's gorillas was this: They wanted to force me out and have Turkey hit in order to ensure that Greece comes out of this process clean. They just want to promote a Kurdish-Turkish conflict, otherwise they want to market me, so they want to draw Turkey into the conspiracy. I tried to break this conspiracy. It is necessary to start with Baduvas and research the others. Kalenderidis stayed in Turkey for 6 years. He also has a Kurdish friend in Norway, I think he is a collaborator. He should also be investigated."
Expressing that it is wanted to destroy a people, Öcalan said: “Kurdish intellectuals should investigate this incident. Turkish intellectuals should also research. The PKK acted maturely in this process. My return to Kurdistan was prevented by both Moscow and Athens. They neither want to stay there nor to realise me because it is betrayal. There was betrayal, manipulation, fraud, power, everything in the middle east. Why did the West act so brutally? Scientific research should be done. The conspiracy was made against Turkey. No one can play with history. I saw a very dark situation. My capture is the job of NATO's core wing. Did Greece's NATO officers do it to serve Turkey on the orders of the United States, or to get Turkey in trouble together? The biggest of this game was played against Turkey. The conspiracy should be investigated. There is the organization of its officers in NATO, in the presence of intelligence. Kostulas has worked for NATO for twenty years. I'm not saying that for sure, one hundred percent. Did they hand me over for extermination or because they love the Turkish state?”
Determining that his surrender was the reason and the result of his being brought to Imrali, the PKK Leader, in his lawyer meeting on May 9, 2001, said: “The West wrote the script, the main actor is the West. It gave Turkey the role of guard and execution. Britain secretly buys the plane from Switzerland. Greece is terrible. Kenya is also in the hands of CIA and Israeli agents. Moscow is set. Psychological warfare against Italy is known. Germany does not accept me. Greece wants me to die with the gun of the Ambassador. All this is documented. Their aim is that I would resist with a principal pistol, the Kurds would resist, tens of thousands would die, so Turkey will be taken out of control by them. When this did not work out, that's how they are falsely displayed and covered up by them." 
Abdullah Öcalan, who was prevented from meeting with his lawyers after July 27, 2011, said that between 2013 and 2015, when he met with the İmralı Delegation, he evaluated the aims and consequences of the conspiracy, said that he "overcame" the conspiracy. In the meeting on February 23, 2013, in which the PKK Leader said: “I overcame the conspiracy. If I am successful, neither KCK prisoners nor other prisoners will be held. If this does not happen, there will be a people's war with 50 thousand people. There will be the dead, I'm not getting involved; but everyone should know that we will neither live as before nor fight as before.”
Abdullah Öcalan made the following assessments in the meeting on July 21, 2013, in which he stated that Turkey implemented policies through three lobbies after its inclusion in NATO and said: “It has been like this since Menderes. The conspiracy is implemented by the international state. Even Türkeş went and received his education. Doğan Güreş went to London in the early 90s. He said that they gave us the green light when he returned. The Kurdish purge began after that. These are always the decisions of the lobbies. Actually, there are plans of Jewish lobbies over Southern Kurdistan. It is a Proto Israel project. Then they decide on Palestine. They have been influential since the Talat Pasha times. It's their upbringing. They besiege Mustafa Kemal and take him over. They call Mosul-Kirkuk the Republic. This is how they break the Pact-Milli. London was then predominantly under Jewish control. This policy brought me here. I mean, this policy still continues. It is necessary to understand the historical background well. They wanted to take over all the Kurds through the Kurdish nation-state, which is why they liquidated Saddam. They have been implementing these genocidal policies since the 1950s-60s. I am the last victim of this policy.”
MA / Özgür Paksoy
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