Comes from England to support Justice Watch

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  • 11:25 25 February 2024
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AMED - Remziye Bilir, who came to Amed from England and participated in the Justice Watch, stated that PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and other political prisoners must be free.

The hunger strike launched by political prisoners in prisons to demand the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the solution to the Kurdish issue has reached its 91st day. The Justice Watch initiated by the relatives of the prisoners continues. The number of people taking part in Justice Watch protests is increasing day by day.
One of those who supported the Justice Watch in Amed is Remziye Bilir, who came from England. Bilir, lost her son in the conflict in Licê (Lice) district in 2017. Bilir, who has been living in England for about 6 months, came to Amed from England to give voice to the Justice Watch, which is initiated by the hunger strike of prisoners within the scope of the "Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, solution to the Kurdish issue" campaign.
Bilir said: “Everyone must come together and support mothers and not remain silent against this oppression. I was not at ease in conscience. I came from England to Amed, my homeland, to support mothers. I have no one in prison, but what happened to them today may happen to me or someone else tomorrow."
Emphasizing that mothers also fight for the freedom of the Kurds, Bilir drew attention to the attacks against Kurds. Referring to the fact that the Kurds cannot live their language and culture freely in their own land, Bilir said: “When we look at England or other countries today, there is freedom of thought and freedom of language. But when it comes to the borders of Kurdistan or Turkey, we cannot speak our own language. Why can people of all languages and religions live in England, but no one can even speak their own language here?"
Stating that they want to live with their own identity and language, Bilir said: “The doors of the prisons must be opened, our Leader (Abdullah Ocalan) must be released. There are prisoners in prisons, and they are subjected to violations. A policy of discrimination is implemented among prisoners. Why today do they release those who are imprisoned for drugs or something bad, but they tie the hands and feet of those who want their own freedom and want to speak their language, throw them in prisons and give them life sentences? We just want justice.”
Calling for unity against the attacks against the Kurds, Bilir concluded her words as follows: “If we join hands against all this, we will overcome, but if we are not united, we will fall apart. We will unite and find a solution against those who say 'There is no such thing as Kurds'. My son was also a guerrilla, he was martyred in Licê. I'm saying that my heart hurt, no one else's heart must hurt. We don't want our children to go to the mountains either. Everything is forbidden to us, and they leave. We need to be united for peace. The children of these mothers have been treated unfairly and tortured in prison for years. All our people must be sensitive to all this and not remain silent. This is my call to all the people; Let everyone be united and not remain silent against this oppression, and support mothers."

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