Prison report: Torture, investigation, exile

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  • 15:03 25 September 2023
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ANKARA - Torture and rights violations against female prisoners in Patnos Type L Prison were also included in the report prepared by Green Left Party MPs who visited the prison.
Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) MPs Sırrı Sakık, Heval Bozdağ and Nevroz Uysal Aslan announced the report they prepared on the torture of female prisoners in Patnos Type L Closed Prison. In the report shared with the public in writing, it was stated that after information about torture became public on September 1, the delegation visited the prison on September 13 and made inspections. The report noted that prison prosecutor Nurullah Durak was also in prison when the investigations were carried out, and stated that he did not believe that the guards tortured him with hogties.
The report also included the statements of the prisoners. Zahide Taşdemir, one of the prisoners interviewed by the delegation, said the following about what happened on the day of the incident: “I am a 60-year-old mother. I stayed in prison in Muş for a while. My wife is also detained in prison here. I have epilepsy, my teeth have fallen out and I have other health problems. I have been in this prison with three other prisoners for more than 3 years. On the day of the incident, we protested what was done by knocking on the door. A very large group of male and female guards entered. A group entered with batons and shields. While they were in the room, they pushed all of them, hit them, beat them, threw them to the ground, and beat Mizgin a lot.”
Mizgin Kayitbey, who was subjected to torture, said: “Suddenly, our door opened and 8-9 female guards and 10-15 25-30 male guards dressed like special forces entered. Force units with batons in their hands started beating us, kicking us, pushing us, pushing us to the ground. We stayed in the room for a while. Then they took him out into the corridor. While we were in the corridor, a group of people in suits were watching what we were going through. Here we were handcuffed and taken to a room. There, our hands and feet were tied behind our backs in a hogtie. Meanwhile, I heard the men in suits shouting, 'Shoot them, don't let them hear you again.' They brought all three of our heads side by side and we were kept like that for nearly 4 hours. Then they took us out of the room one by one, beating us."
The report includes information that Kayitbey was beaten and that she had ecchymosis on her wrists, a wound on her lip, and ecchymosis around her eyes. The report stated that prisoners Nazlıcan Barışer and Lale Kabişen were also beaten, and it was requested that those who used torture be suspended. The report also included information that, after the torture of female prisoners, male prisoners banged on the door to protest the situation and that 4 separate disciplinary investigations were initiated against male prisoners.
The report stated that Kayitbey and Kabişen, who were tortured, were forcibly transferred to other prisons on September 18. The report stated that Kayitbey was sent to Kayseri Bünyan Closed Prison and Kabişen was sent to Tarsus Women's Closed Prison. When the attitude of the prosecutor's office, which must take action immediately and ex officio, and the situation of the prisoners sent to separate and distant prisons are evaluated together, it shares with the public its concerns that an effective, independent and impartial investigation will not be carried out."

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