DBP's Akgün: Now is the time for action, not words

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  • 10:33 25 September 2023
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RIHA - Drawing attention that there has been no news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan for 31 months, DBP Riha Provincial Co-Chairperson Vahit Akgün said: "Now is the time for action, not words."
The state of not receiving any news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and prisoners Ömer Hayri Konar, Veysi Aktaş and Hamili Yıldırım, who are held in İmralı Type F High Security Prison, has entered its 31st month. While the applications of lawyers and families to meet with Abdullah Öcalan were still rejected, the applications of the bar association, politicians and activists to meet with Abdullah Öcalan were also unsuccessful. Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Riha Provincial Co-Chair Vahit Akgün said that the forces of democracy should take action to end the isolation.
Stating that the isolation affected all segments of society, Akgün said: “The addressee of social peace is Mr. Öcalan. If Mr. Öcalan is met and his ideas reach the public, social peace can be achieved. There is a serious economic and social crisis in the country. There is serious unrest in society. All of this stems from the ongoing isolation policies on Mr. Öcalan. Peace can be achieved if the isolation is lifted. If peace is achieved, war and the economic crisis associated with war will be resolved and social crises will end. Society will also find peace."
Saying that the government maintains its existence through "hostility towards Kurds", Akgün said: "They do not want peace. They prevent Mr. Öcalan's ideas from reaching the public with isolation policies. A very dirty war is being waged all over Kurdistan. There is an incredible pressure policy on the opposition. A dirty war is being waged on young people, such as drugs and prostitution. Democratic forces and opponents need to react very harshly against the isolation that is the source of these policies."
Drawing attention that the absolute isolation in Imrali is not independent of the policies of the dominant powers, Akgün said: "The capitalist system makes all people dependent on itself with its nation-state approach. Mr. Öcalan offers a new alternative to the people with the idea of Democratic Modernity against Capitalist Modernity. This frustrates the plans of global powers because an understanding of social peace based on equality between the people will prevail with the Democratic Modernity that Mr. Öcalan offers it to the people."
Noting that Öcalan's ideas reached the public despite the isolation, Akgün said: "In Brazil, non-governmental organizations came together and published a common message for Mr. Öcalan's physical freedom. Mr. Öcalan's ideas are embraced all over the world. People find the solution in Mr. Öcalan's ideas. Everyone who believes in human rights, law and democracy needs to condemn seriously against the isolation. Now is the time for action, not words."
MA / Mahmut Altıntaş

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