Sarısözen: The government will start an ideological attack

ISTANBUL - Stating that the AKP will launch an ideological attack with the Free Cause Party, Journalist-writer Veysi Sarısözen said: "A radical ideological restructuring should be carried out on the basis of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm."
AKP Chairperson Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who received his mandate and became President for the third time after the elections, held his first meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whom he invited to the Presidential ceremony. The main agenda of the meeting was the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, with which Erdogan aims to repair relations with the United States of America (USA). Immediately after the meeting, comments began to be made that Erdogan might take a step back. Evaluating Sweden and Finland's NATO membership and Turkey's bilateral stance on this issue, journalist and writer Veysi Sarısözen said that negotiations were made over the economic crisis and war policies.
Emphasizing the clues of the new era, Sarısözen pointed out that the AKP, with the Free Cause Party, which was included in the People's Alliance, signaled that it would launch an ideological attack in Kurdistan and said: “It is necessary to liquidate and disband the Kurdish freedom movement in Kurdistan and to create a Barzanian trend in Kurdistan. They want to strengthen. While continuing the actual war, it also wants to carry out these ideological attacks. It aims to solve the Kurdish Question with these insidious plans.”
Stating that Erdogan's invitation to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to the ceremony held at the palace after the elections gave many clues about how these relations will be in the new period, Sarısözen said: "Mehmet Şimşek, one of the most important names of the international financial oligarchy, was appointed as the Minister of Treasury and Finance. It is related to this situation. Turkey was defeated after its participation in the 3rd World War. On the basis of the Kobanê resistance, it has been dragged into collapse step by step since 2015. Like every defeated state, Turkey would eventually surrender to one of the two global powers that could not defeat each other yet, and probably now tends to be dominated by western global states. There are very serious signs of surrender to them. We can already say that the fact that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg accepted the invitation convinced Erdogan, who was the obstacle for Sweden and Finland to join NATO. Türkiye will pay the price of the war it was defeated, step by step."
Stating that Turkey has been pursuing a "balance" policy between NATO and Russia for many years, but that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg's participation in the swearing-in ceremony is a clear indication that some distances have been taken with Turkey, Sarıözen said: "NATO could take some steps to help Turkey get out of the economic crisis. Despite these steps, 'coming out of the crisis' will not be easy.
Stating that the main reason for Turkey's economic crisis was the war it waged in Kurdistan, Sarısözen said: "The budget of this war was cut for the peoples. Kurdish gains were targeted in Turkey's bargaining with NATO. I think that most likely, in the negotiations with the western states, the Kurdish people negotiated over the gains and the demand for autonomy. Erdoğan demanded: "I will hand over my economy to you, but let me continue the war in Kurdistan.' Once upon a time, this dirty agreement came into effect during the Treaty of Lausanne. While Western countries gave Turkey the legitimacy to be a state, they also gave Northern Kurdistan as a bribe for their assimilationist and genocidal attacks. I think a similar situation could develop again."
Stating that with the latest developments, shortly before the centennial of Lausanne, international powers are making negotiations on Kurdish gains and status, Sarısözen stated that global powers have more complex and insidious plans in Kurdistan than before.
Noting that the anti-Kurdish Free Cause Party, which entered the Parliament under the umbrella of the People's Alliance within the scope of the election results, will be given some duties by the government in the new period, Sarısözen said: “When we look at Erdoğan's cabinet, you can understand this; When the Turkish state could not establish its dominance in Kurdistan, it put its new methods into action. Erdoğan also wants to use the Free Cause Party for these purposes. The fact that the Free Cause Party, which took its place in Erdoğan's cabinet, is of Kurdish origin and acts with a Turkish-Islamic synthesis, becomes a useful tool for the government. The government is signaling that it will launch an ideological attack in Kurdistan with the Free Cause Party.
They especially want to liquidate and disband the Kurdish freedom movement in Kurdistan and strengthen a Barzani trend in Kurdistan. While continuing the actual war, it also wants to carry out these ideological attacks. It aims to solve the Kurdish problem with these insidious plans. The result is that the Kurdish freedom movement should be supported with all its might and especially the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) or the Green Left should get rid of the debates of the election process and restructure and strengthen itself as soon as possible. The alliance needs to broaden its areas, remove all ideological blurriness and perform a radical ideological restructuring on the basis of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms. If these are accomplished, the tendency to build barzans will be prevented and the plan to liquidate the Kurdish freedom movement will fail.”
Stating that the Kurdish people gave the harshest response to the current regime in the elections, Sarısözen said: "The government could not get the desired result in this period, as it did in every period. The Free Cause Party will pose an important obstacle to the Turkishization project. If we look at the quality and quantity of the Free Cause Party, it is extremely dangerous. An ultra-Islamic and nationalist tendency is a major obstacle to Turkishization. The Kurdish freedom movement needs to draw the masses of the people to the line of Islamic belief, as Öcalan said long ago. This line means to see the reality of Islam, to take it into account, to take into account the traditions and to strengthen the Kurdish line of Turkishization because being Turkish does not mean moving away from becoming a Kurd. Turkishization means establishing a democratic relationship between the Kurds and the Turks.
Underlining that the paradigm of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan should be taken as a basis in the new period, Sarısözen continued: “Therefore, as if there is no Kurdish Question, bringing Turkey to a line without Apo would bring very dangerous results. Turkishization without Apo(Abdullah Öcalan) leads to assimilation. Being Kurds without Apo takes the freedom movement out of its axis and leads the Barzani idea to extinction along a false nationalist line. So what stands at the center here is Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms. On the basis of these paradigms, this line succeeds when the possibility of additional cooperation on a democratic basis is created between the Kurdish and the Turkish people.”
Emphasizing that the HDP and the Green Left Party should leave the election results and the criticisms against them and enter the restructuring process, Sarısözen said that preparations should be made for the local elections as soon as possible.
MA / Esra Solin Dal

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