Ill prisoners two brothers dragged to death

BATMAN - Fırat, one of the Nebioğlu brothers, who has kidney failure, is not referred to the hospital despite the availability of a suitable donor. One of the brothers, Emrah, is not released despite being 94 percent disabled.
Fırat (24) and Emrah (30) Nebioğlu brothers, who were arrested on different dates in Elîh(Batman), are not released despite their severe health problems. Fırat, one of the brothers, was arrested in Êlih in 2015 and sentenced to 11 years and 7 months in prison for "being a member in a terrorist organization". Fırat was transferred to prisons in Êlih, Gümüşhane, Xarpêt and most recently Amed. Diyarbakır Type T High Security Prison' Fırat, who is being held in prison, has a 92 percent disability report due to his stroke. Fırat, who continues his life on dialysis due to kidney failure, also has vision and hearing problems.
Fırat's "cannot be held in prison" report was given from Batman Training and Research Hospital, where he was removed due to kidney failure, but the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) gave a report that "he can be held in prison" on March 14, 2022. Three applications for kidney transplantation for Fırat Nebioğlu, whose 2 kidneys failed, were left unanswered. The 3rd Specialization Board of Forensic Medicine decided on March 14, 2022 that the ill prisoner could continue to be treated in prison conditions, by simply making a summary of the old reports, without making almost any clinical evaluation. Fırat, who was taken to the hospital for dialysis 2 days a week, was unresponsive to the request for referral to the hospital, although a suitable donor candidate was found.
The other brother, Emrah Nebioğlu, was severely wounded and paralyzed by a bullet he received in the head during the protest actions against ISIS' attacks against Kobanê in 2014. Later, a lawsuit was filed against him for "being a member of a terrorist organization" and he was sentenced to 7 years and 3 months in prison. The sentence given to Emrah, who is being held in Antalya Type S Prison, is still under review at the Court of Cassation. Emrah, who was given a 94 percent disability report by Batman Regional State Hospital, also has health problems such as loss of strength, crossed eyes, hearing loss and high blood pressure.
Noting that Fırat's older brother, Emrah, is also tried in detention despite being ill, mother Nebioğlu said: "While I was waiting for one of my sons to be released from prison, the other was also arrested. My son Emrah was arrested while she was fighting for Fırat. We were fighting for Fırat together while Emrah was out. He applied to many places even though he was ill; however, he was also arrested as he was ill. Both of my sons are currently struggling to survive in prison. Authorities do not respond to any of our requests. How is it that 2 people with such high diseases are still in prison? The torture must be ended. I call everyone who has a conscience. The ill prisoners must not die in the prison. Let's lay the groundwork for my children to be treated."
MA / Fethi Balaman

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