HDP's Turan: Türkiye's economy will not recover without cutting off the resources of the war


ANKARA - Drawing attention to the government's policy of war, exchange rate and interest, HDP Co-Chairperson Rıdvan Turan said: "It is not possible for the Supermans to get the Turkish economy out of the crisis without cutting the resources allocated to the war."

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair of the Economy and Agriculture Commission, Rıdvan Turan, held a press conference at his party's headquarters regarding the increase in the exchange rate and the latest developments in the economy. Stating that Turkey is in the grip of a huge economic depression even though it has not been a while since the elections, Turan said: “What the exchange rate, which has increased by over 5 percent, shows us today is how the government pretends things that it has swept under the carpet since the beginning, after the populist claims, one by one. It shows us that it has emerged.”
Drawing attention to the solution proposals, Turan said: “First of all, broad support to the capital is to set aside the tendencies of a wealth transfer to the capital, and to take serious measures against inflation in order to improve the income situation of the poor, workers and laborers, especially those at the bottom. This goes through democracy in the economy. This also goes through the democratic planning of production. It goes through the improvement of the economic situation of the citizens who are engaged in agriculture, especially in rural areas. It goes through the organization of workers in unions and the removal of obstacles in them. Unless Turkey has an economic perspective that produces better value-added goods and shares its income fairly within itself, it is not possible for the Supermans to organize the Turkish economy and get it out of the crisis it is in. As HDP, we know very well what should be done and how? We know very well how the economy can recover. We see and confirm that the economy will improve with the transfer of resources transferred to war, capital to UAV and SİHA to the poor. Türkiye's economy will not recover without cutting off the resources of the war, and that everyone in our country will be much happier."

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