People won in Makhmur: We will not give up the resistance

NEWS CENTER - Makhmur People's Council Co-chair Yusuf Kara shared the information that they reached some agreements in the negotiations with the Iraqi government as a result of the resistance, and said that some laws could be changed.
The Iraqi Army's attempts to besiege the Makhmur Refugee Camp in Mosul on May 20 failed in the face of popular resistance. As a result of the talks he held with the Democratic People's Council and Diplomacy Committee with the Iraqi authorities, an agreement was reached and the Iraqi Army withdrew. Makhmur People's Council Co-chair Yusuf Kara made evaluations about the meeting with the Iraqi government, the agreements reached and the resistance of the people.
Emphasizing that he will not allow attacks against the will of the Makhmur people, Kara said: "The meeting was held as a result of resistance. There have been many similar attacks against Makhmur and that he wants the camp to be turned into a prison. The people put up a resistance worthy of them. This resistance caused the Iraqi government to understand the demands of the Makhmur people and to approach them with a solution-oriented approach. The Iraqi government saw that this problem could not be solved by conflict, this time it held talks with us. The problems were discussed in the meetings and noted that the parties were in mutual sensitivity."
Noting that some agreements were reached as a result of the meeting, Kara said: “We believe that this problem will be resolved in a rational way. Their attempts were also in this direction. We do not have a problem with the Iraqi government. We do not want to come face to face with the Iraqi government. Maybe they have not provided any humanitarian aid so far, but they have not caused us any problems in terms of security. Iraq did not do what the Barzani family did to us. Unfounded claims such as 'There is military power in Makhmur' were dismissed in time. We have had dozens of meetings with the Iraqi government so far within the framework of these allegations. Iraqi government officials stayed here for days and these allegations were in vain. The Makhmurites have not put up an obstacle against the Iraqi government so far. As a result, an agreement was reached between both parties. How much of these agreements are being implemented is difficult to predict at this stage. In fact, we know that games were played on Makhmur. That's why we will always approach the problems with a solution-oriented approach everywhere."
Noting that the forces affiliated with the Iraqi Army have withdrawn and that a delegation from Iraq will visit the camp in the coming days, Kara said: "If the people had accepted surrender, he would not have left his paradise-like country and came to the Makhmur plain. The people will never accept their power or their oppression. These people will resist to the end in the face of attacks.”
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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