KCDK-E Co-Chair Koç: The address of the solution is İmralı

ANKARA - Stating that the root cause of the crises in Turkey is the deadlock in the Kurdish issue, KCDK-E Co-Chair Yüksel Koç said: "The real address of the solution is İmralı."
The AKP, which reintroduced the concept of war in 2015, when it returned to its dead-end policies in the Kurdish issue, signaled that it would continue its anti-Kurdish opposition with the parties it came together under the name of alliance on the way to the Presidential and General Elections. Due to these policies, the AKP, which received the lowest number of votes in the polls established in Kurdistan after its 21-year rule, fell to the total number of votes it received in 2002, when it came to power.
European Democratic Kurdish Society Congress (KCDK-E) Co-Chair Yuksel Koc points out that the Kurdish Question is at the root of the crises in Turkey, pointing out that the People's Alliance, led by the AKP, which continues the deadlock in the Kurdish Question and deepens the isolation system in Imrali, is a combination of the Union and Progress understanding. He said that the real address of the solution is İmralı Island, where PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan is held under severe isolation conditions.
Stating that democratic politics cannot be made without solving the Kurdish problem, Koç said: “The understanding that tries to design the society on the basis of hostility towards Kurds causes problems, chaos and crises to grow. The AKP-MHP government and President Erdoğan used all state resources. He campaigned on anti-Kurdish politics. However, the reason why peasants, workers, poor people, students and retirees experience so much trouble is the war expenditures against the Kurds. Society is polarized over this, international relations are designed on this basis. In this sense, the key to the solution of the problems in Turkey is the solution of the Kurdish Question. We saw that once again in these elections.”
Pointing out that the main actor in the solution of the Kurdish question is PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Koç said: "The understanding that problems can be solved through dialogue prevails in Turkish society as a result of the talks with Abdullah Öcalan in the process carried out under the name of 'solution'. The main actor, President Abdullah Öcalan, has taken steps to resolve the question through democratic and dialogue since 1993, declared ceasefires, made calls to other countries, and proposed a solution for the Kurdish people to live on the borders of Turkey with their own identity through the Democratic Republic project. The democratic nation project, which is developed against the nation-state project of the sovereign powers, proposed the model of free life. That this is the only solution model was accepted by the Kurds, then by the peoples of the Middle East, and by all sane circles in the world. Today, this model is applied in Rojava. All different identities and belief groups are building a free life together. Turkey is a multi-identity, multi-faith country. You cannot solve Turkey's problems with a monistic approach. In this sense, the real address of the solution is İmralı. The real address of the solution is İmralı because President Apo is not an ordinary prisoner. He is the leader of the Kurdish people who represent the will of millions of Kurds.”
Stating that the government failed in the election, Koç said: “Despite all these manipulations, deceptions and repression methods, the Kurdish people led the test of democracy. Kurds said 'no' to war, massacre, denial and fascism. They took a stand for democracy and common life. 50 percent of those who are in favor of change and transformation in Turkey, especially the Kurdish people, said that they do not want this government despite the pressure. President-elect Erdogan has started to be discussed as of today because it was an undemocratic, unprecedented, unfair election. The Kurds have put forward an attitude that unites against the polarizing politics, prioritizes democracy, and is based on free and equal life. This is an attitude that should be saluted. The evil alliance will not be able to solve Turkey's problems, and their life will not be long. In the long run, those who want democracy and equality will win. In these elections, the racist front was defeated. The real struggle will begin.”
MA / Yüsra Batıhan

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