Resistance in Makhmur paved the way for dialogue

NEWS CENTER - Makhmur People's Council Co-chair Yusuf Kara said: “Makhmur resistance forced the Iraqi government to take a step back. We can say that a dialogue has developed, but the problem is not resolved."
The Iraqi army has been trying to blockade Makhmur Camp with wire fences since May 20. Camp residents have been resisting the blockade for days, keeping watch in their tents. Makhmur People's Council Co-chair Yusuf Kara spoke about the latest situation in the camp.
Pointing out that the idea of blockading the camp was developed at the request of Turkey, Kara said: “The residents of Makhmur have been resisting against the Iraqi government for 14 days. The Iraqi army is trying to blockade and isolate Makhmur Camp. Of course, this isolated attempt is made in partnership with the Turkish state. The Turkish state has pressure on the Iraqi government. The Makhmur people have a long tradition of resistance and have never bowed to oppression. These people paid a high price, but they did not bow down in any way. That's why they wanted to break this will by blockading it. But they have faced tremendous resistance."
Noting that they held talks with the Iraqi government to solve the problem, Kara said: "The KDP also played a role in the blockade. They opened the way for dialogue with the resistance that lasted for days. We wanted to keep our doors open to the Iraqi government and we wanted to solve it through negotiations. We also met with many officials of the government and criticized their attitudes. We have been living on Iraqi soil for about 28 years and until today, Iraq has treated us as it should be. Therefore, our reactions were different. We did not expect that the Iraqi government would take such an initiative at the request of the KDP and Turkey. A dialogue was developed with the Iraqi government. As a result of this dialogue, we cannot say that the problem has been fully resolved. But I can say that there is clarity for the solution of this problem. We hope that the government and its officials will approach us with this responsibility because we also approach this responsibility. We want to solve this problem with the Iraqi government. If the problem is resolved, the Makhmur Camp will regain its former peace. We hope that the Iraqi government will take a similar stance. We want this blockade to be lifted as soon as possible."

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