Journalist Zagros: Türkiye is preparing to attack Kandil

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  • 15:32 30 March 2023
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that Turkey is preparing to attack Qandil before the elections and it needs Iran for this, Journalist Beritan Zagros said: "If Turkey comes to an agreement with Iran, it may launch an attack very soon."
The attacks launched by Turkey against the Zap, Metina and Avasin regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region on April 17, 2022, with the support of the KDP, continue. In a statement made on February 6, following the Maraş-centered earthquakes, the KCK decided to take inaction as long as there was no attack on its forces; however, despite this decision, Turkey's aerial attacks did not stop even for a day. Finally, KCK Co-chair Besê Hozat announced that they have extended their decision of inaction until after the May 14 elections.
Journalist Berîtan Zagros evaluated the attacks on the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions, the KCK's decision of inaction and the developments in the region to the Mesopotamia Agency (MA).
Pointing out that the attacks with prohibited weapons continue despite the decision of inaction, Zagros said: “There are attacks on a daily basis, but no international, regional or Kurdish forces come out and say, 'PKK has stopped military activities, why are you attacking'. The aim is to invade Kurdistan and destroy Turkey's borders. Erdogan already says that Turkey is everywhere for them and they want to occupy a large area. In this case, the KDP is committing a national crime, it does not want to be involved in any national effort or work because of these national crimes. On the contrary, it threatens, accuses and criminalizes the political forces working at the national level in the South because it knows that if a common platform is created for the Kurds, the Kurds will hold them accountable. That's why he wants Turkey and Iran to control the Kurds so that there is no national showdown."
Stating that Turkey is preparing to attack Qandil and that it is making a serious effort to cooperate with Iran for this. Zagros said: “We know that Erdoğan wants to take quick steps before the election. It wants to do this effectively. Türkiye is going through a period of economic crisis. Iraq is one of the countries in which Turkey invests the most in terms of economy and benefits from it. For this reason, Turkey wants to take a breather and influence the election results by opening more companies in Iraq by building both railroads and highways. The second point is that Turkey wants to deal a big blow to the PKK in Bashur before the election. Thus, Turkey tries to achieve some symbolic victories before the election. Why do I say symbolic? Turkey tries to get results with all kinds of attacks, but Turkey will not succeed. According to Erdoğan's previous statements, their ultimate target is Qandil. Qandil has been recognized as the center of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and plays a role as a political centre. That's why all Kurds and the world have heard of it. It is like a political fortress for the Kurds.”

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