Declaration against isolation and attacks from KNK

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  • 16:08 3 December 2022
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NEWS CENTER - At the 21st Congress of the KNK, the demand for freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a joint declaration against Turkey's attacks were published.
The 21st Congress of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) continues on its second day. Representatives of dozens of Kurdistani parties and organizations, many independent personalities and KNK members, who came together with the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad due to the congress, continue to carry out extensive discussions. A declaration regarding the invasion attacks and the absolute isolation against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan was accepted unanimously at the General Assembly.
The declaration issued at the congress is as follows:
"The Turkish state detonated a bomb in Istanbul with the hand of the dark gangs it included in order to implement its plan of attack against Rojava Kurdistan, and many innocent people lost their lives. The whole world knows very well that this explosion is not closely related to Kurdistani forces. However, the Turkish state From the very first moment, it blamed the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria for this explosion and started its attacks. Rojava Kudistan is again facing the attacks of the Turkish state. The Turkish state, which has been dropping bombs on the peoples of Kurdistan from the air and on the ground for two weeks, has gone one step further in its goals and has its eye on the whole of Rojava Kurdistan, which we call 'Binxetê'.
If this brutal state plan is successful, there will undoubtedly be a continuation of these occupations and Southern Kurdistan will be next because they have more than a hundred military bases in the South, and many regions stretching from the border of Rojava to the border of Rojhilat (East), even tens of kilometers deep, are under their occupation. The Turkish state is trying to expand its occupation in Southern Kurdistan step by step. Since April 14, extensive operations have been carried out in the regions of Metina, Zap and Avaşîn. All kinds of banned weapons, especially chemical weapons, are used in these operations before the eyes of the world. Undoubtedly, the guerrilla in question is not the only one in question here, the guerrilla is just an excuse for these attacks. The Turkish state, whose aim is to eliminate the gains of the Kurds and Kurdistan, does not even feel the need to hide this dirty intention anymore, it is putting it into practice by loudly expressing it.
The Turkish state, under the rule of Erdoğan and the AKP-MHP fascist/racist front, carries out a purely military and colonialist policy both inside and outside. Erdogan and his front have turned the whole of Turkey into a dungeon. The Turkish state is facing a major economic crisis due to war spending and corruption. Erdoğan and his partner Bahçeli see the solution in war in order to overcome this extraordinary environment that Turkey is in, to hide the economic crisis from the public, and to eliminate the backlash against the regime they have established. Thus, in order to gain the support of racist and reactionary sections, they present war as the sanctuary of religion and nationalism, both at home and abroad. The regime is trying to prolong its life with this method. On the other hand, the bomb that exploded in Istanbul was the first campaign of the 2023 elections. All opinion polls; It displays that Erdogan and his partners lost an election that would be held under ordinary conditions. For this reason, they want to scare and manipulate the public with bombs and terror methods, as in 2015, and to be the winner of the elections by cheating.
We do not accept the continuing aggravated isolation on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, and we condemn the Turkish state by taking a stance against it. Likewise, the silence of the CPT and the Council of Europe is unacceptable, and we call on these institutions to take immediate action by reminding them of their responsibilities. We also support the campaign launched for the freedom of Mr. Öcalan and call on all Kurds and friends of the Kurdish people to join and strengthen this campaign."

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