HDP's Taşçıer: Gains of Kurds are being targetted

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  • 13:56 1 December 2022
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DİYARBAKIR - HDP Diyarbakır MP Imam Taşçıer stated that Kurdish gains were targeted with the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria and said, "All peace-loving people should stand against this war."
The attacks launched by Turkey against Northern and Eastern Syria on November 20 continue. Schools and hospitals are also targeted in air and ground attacks. Evaluating the attacks, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MP İmam Taşçıer said that gains of the Kurds were targeted.
Stating that Turkey aims to abolish the status in Northern and Eastern Syria, Taşçıer said, "Turkey is occupying Syria with these attacks. It wants to occupy Kobanê and Manbij just like it occupied Afrin. If the Kurds gain status even as far away as in Antarctica, the AKP-MHP would go and attack there. They have such a hostility against the Kurds. The government tries to impose their own ideology to the Kurds and say that they won't let them live otherwise."
Taşçıer stated that civillians were also targeted in the attacks and criticized the silence of the international forces on this situation. Taşçıer noted, "Today, weapons prohibited by international conventions are used in Kurdistan. War crimes are committed. The USA and Russia are in Rojava. However, these forces are silent. They must oppose this. We must stand up against war, no matter where it is."
Stressing that the Kurds should be united against all attacks, Taşçıer continued as follows: "The Kurds, wherever they live, must stand against these attacks. Unless the Kurds are united, these attacks will continue. Nobody should act as if the war is somewhere else. The war that burned that place to the ground today, will be at their door sooner or later. This war has an impact on Turkey's democracy and economy. Therefore, all peace-loving people should stand up against this war."
MA / Mahmut Altıntaş

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