The defendants in the video torture case in prison: We did not beat!

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  • 16:31 29 September 2022
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ADANA - In the lawsuit filed regarding the torture of Şeyhmuz Emen, who was detained in Adana Kürkçüler Prison, and which was reflected on the cameras, the defendant guards claimed that they did not take off Emen's clothes, that he did it himself, that they did not beat him and that they did not see the spilling of water.
In Adana Kürkçüler Type E Closed Prison, on February 22, 2022, judicial prisoner Şehmuz Emen was subjected to the imposition of a strip search in front of the cameras by the guards, during the census, and the guards were tortured by pouring cold water in a single cell.
The hearing of the case brought against the guards Caner Güney and Halit Arıkan on charges of "exceeding the limit regarding the use of force" and "simple injury" will be held at the Adana 23rd Criminal Court of First Instance on October 13. The first hearing of the case brought against the guards Çağatay Şimşek, Hasan Gökçe, Hidayet Cankurt, Reşit Deprem and Yücel Moralı on the charge of "torture" was held at the Adana 10th High Criminal Court.
Emen and his lawyer Mehmet Nuri Toprak and the defendants Çağatay Şimşek and Yücel Moralı were present at the hearing. After the summary of the indictment was read, the defendants, who made their defense, rejected the accusations against them and demanded their acquittal, claiming that they did not take off Emen's clothes, that he took off his clothes himself, that they did not beat him and that they did not see the spilling of water.
Repeating his statement during the investigation phase, Şeyhmus Emen said:"I was complaining about the defendants. I was beaten in the place where the cameras were not filmed. I was battered in the surveillance room, my clothes were taken off, water was poured into the room and a plastic bottle was thrown at me. The allegation that it will start a fire is unfounded and that the defendants are trying to get rid of the crime. I suffered from hearing and vision loss due to the beating, and demand that those who tortured me be punished." Emen's lawyer, Mehmet Nuri Toprak, stated that they agreed with his client's statements and demanded that the defendants be punished.
The court decided to ask the prison if there was a fire in the prison in the last year, and to get a report on Emen's vision and hearing loss in a full-fledged hospital, adjourning the hearing to January 12, 2023.
The torture applied to the prisoner in the prison was reflected on the cameras. In the indictment of the case, the expert report prepared on the torture images reflected in the camera records was included.

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